Why You Should Reconsider Luxury Cruises

by Apr 14, 2022Cruises

Over the years we have done hundreds of discover calls with new clients and quite often folks will go out of their way to mention they are “not cruise people.” While that may be true for some (hello motion sickness!) – the notion that all cruises are 7,000 person affairs is just not true.

When we dive deeper, many clients are surprised to hear about other forms of travel by ship or large yacht – with passengers numbering in the teens, twenties, or hundreds vs. the thousands.

A few reasons to reconsider if you’ve been a “hard no” on cruising:

  • Expedition cruising is one of the only ways to see remote parts of the world like the Arctic and Antarctica and most ships we work with carry fewer than 250 passengers
  • Ease of logistics, especially when traveling with family or a large group – if you’re traveling with kids, grandparents, and others in tow – this relieves SO much burden. Think “pack once, explore more.”
  • Cruising is not what it once was – luxury options abound and when you are in port we can organize fully private/exclusive experiences getting you away from the ship (if that’s what you like!)

Here are a few examples of the luxury cruises we book for clients:


Aboard the intimate and elegant ships of Seabourn, you will travel to some of the most remote destinations of the world. Each of the ships in Seabourn’s fleet is uniquely suited for the specific trip. Seabourn also has an expedition division and it’s head, Robin West was a recent guest on our podcast, Luxury Travel Insider podcast. The average Seabourn ship has between 150 – 300 suites.

Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection

luxury cruisesThe Ritz-Carlton Yachts may be even more impressive than their resorts! With a limited number of guests and onboard dining, spa services, and activities, these floating hotels will have you completely untethered. When guests aren’t relaxing on the ship, they are on land occupied on an exclusive beach or historical tour.

Aqua Expeditions

Think of Aqua as your boutique luxury option in the world of expedition cruising. Whether you want a comfortable way to explore the Amazon, or prefer to be on a private yacht with 15 suites in the far flung Spice Islands in Indonesia – Aqua has something for you. They’ve also recently added a new ship purpose built for exploring the Galapagos. Founder and owner, Francesco Galli Zugaro has also joined us on our podcast. Listen to some of his amazing stories here.  

EYOS Expeditions

For a twist on typical luxury cruises, EYOS Expeditions can privatize any expedition you’re interested in taking. EYOS Expeditions’ CEO was recently featured on an episode of Luxury Travel Insider discussing the experience. With yachts that are equipped with helicopter pads, full gyms and spas, luxurious rooms, and a skilled crew, you will never want to leave. The trust and bond you will build with the exceptional guides will push you out of your comfort zone in places you can’t even fathom.

There is nothing else that can compare to luxury cruises and luxury expedition yachting when we select the right option for you. These ships can take you to places where very few people have walked before. Get started planning your next vacation on a luxury cruise!

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