7 Ways Travel Has Changed

by Apr 21, 2022

Over the last two years, our lives have changed and travel has as well. Being stuck at home for so long has only made the desire to travel stronger, but your experience traveling now will be different. The importance of traveling has been reimagined and has been brought back to the simple moments that mean the most. Here are multiple ways travel has changed. 

Health & Safety

Health and safety precautions have been taken to the next level to keep staff and guests safe. These actions have been implemented everywhere from airplanes to resorts, varying among each but always with the same. At hotels and resorts, the housekeeping teams have upped their cleaning methods by using sanitation machines before and after your stay. Check-in at many hotels has completely changed to be contactless for less interaction and germ spreading. Mask mandates and vaccination regulations are changing everyday and each destination is different — another reason to book through a travel advisor who is in the know!


With health and safety being a top priority for hotel teams and guests, privacy is also paramount. People are looking for any way to receive exclusive treatment tailored to their wants and needs such as private jets, private villas, and private guides. This allows travelers to be more engaged in the destination without crowds around them. 

yellowstone national parkThe Great Outdoors

Outdoor activities have become more sought after because of the ease of social distancing and limitation of interaction with others. National parks, beaches, and mountains are more desirable than ever for your nature fix. 

Appreciate the Simple Things

If there is one thing to take away from the extensive time at home we have all experienced, it is that it is important to slow down to enjoy the simple, little things in life. Travelers are taking more time to appreciate the scenery with the people around them.  

Travel Local

Without being able to travel internationally, travelers have noticed the beauty of destinations close to home. There are many states, parks, landmarks to see around the US for you to take advantage of. 

Extended Trips

People have learned just how much they can work from home so why not work from a different country? Travelers are opting for longer trips to truly experience the unique aura of a destination while being able to work and help their children with virtual school. 


Wellness spas are popping up all over the world to help you relax your mind, body, and soul. Travelers are making self-care a priority for their travels even if it is just a day of their two-week getaway.

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