Positive Psychology & Travel

by Mar 31, 2022

Want to be happier? Travel is one of the best ways to boost happiness by implementing the lessons of positive psychology!

travel peacefulWhat is “positive psychology” you ask?

In short, it’s the academic study of human flourishing…

The branch of psychology that focuses on increasing our happiness and wellbeing (vs. dealing with disease and suffering).

Now back to travel…

In the study of positive psychology, multiple experiments or “interventions” have been empirically validated to determine their impact on our happiness.

Here are some proven interventions that you experience while traveling:

  • Savoring – Focusing on a particular experience to increase happiness. Read: tasting amazing new dishes, smelling exotic flowers, or experiencing awe when observing a beautiful sunrise.
  • Gratitude – Participating in activities that increase gratitude. Read: Traveling to beautiful locations, being grateful for new experiences, taking photos that act as perpetual reminders of your experiences, gratitude journaling.
  • Empathy – Empathy-related interventions aim to enhance our understanding of other people, which generates compassion, forgiveness and acts of kindness. Read: traveling to see how others live, learning from them, experiencing new cultures, understanding that most humans are good regardless of race, background, religion, or culture.
  • Patience – Building patience is a character strength that leads to well being, resilience, and grit. Read: every time you travel you are faced with micro-adversities which build resilience, from delays and small things going wrong, to finding ways to communicate when you don’t speak the language.
  • Flow – Flow is a peak mental state of full immersion in an activity, characterized by a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process. Read: Losing yourself in the joys of travel induces a state of flow. Flow is strongly linked to happiness, wellbeing, and life satisfaction.

And best of all, the happiness derived from traveling starts even before your departure day. Several studies show that anticipating travel can be a joyous as the traveling itself!

It’s your turn to experience this travel happiness! Plan with us.

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