Five Reasons to Book Your Holiday Trips Now

by Jun 13, 2024

You know the saying “Christmas in July…” well we’re changing the meaning to remind you to book holiday travel now! Here are a few reasons why it’s a good idea to start planning Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and Christmas/New Years Eve trips right away:

Availability for Hotels, Villas, Yachts, Experiences

No matter your family’s preferences on where to stay during the holidays, we want you to have the best options to choose from. It’s obvious of course that the best hotels (best in terms of luxury AND value) get booked up well in advance. But less obvious, we also want to get you availability at special events in your destinations!  The fancy Christmas dinner everyone can get dressed up for or the exclusive New Year’s party you’ll want a babysitter for need to be booked now. On the villa/yacht side – these are one of a kind accommodations and experiences so time is of the essence.

Destination Options

While we often talk about hotel availability, the fact is that some destinations (ahem, Costa Rica…) can completely book up very far in advance. Meaning, even if you were willing to compromise a bit on hotel quality, we still could not find availability.  Planning holiday travel now allows access to the top nearby destinations including Hawaii, Central America, and the Caribbean.

Best Pricing 

Booking early means better value. Most hotels these days use “dynamic pricing” which means when their demand goes up, their pricing goes up. We also charge a last minute planning fee when you don’t plan festive trips more than 2 months in advance! 

Access to the Best Guides 

In the most popular destinations, you’ll want the best guides to help you get the most out of the destination and immerse yourself in the holiday spirit. Some of our most exclusive experiences (like private access to the Vatican or behind the scenes with the changing of the guard) also have caps on the number of clients that can partake per day or per week. 

Stress Reduction

Imagine having everything planned out now so all you have to do is show up and relax! Planning in advance means better flight itineraries, smoother logistics, and getting it all complete before the rush of gift shopping, turkey basting, and holiday parties. Check out our blog post on Mindfulness Tips for Holiday Travel for helpful reminders. 

Let’s get started planning your holiday vacation HERE.


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