Mindfulness Tips for Holiday Travel

by Dec 16, 2022Travel Tips

Tis the season for holiday travel! Despite all the cheer, traveling at this time of year can be hard. Approaching holiday travel in a mindful way can help to minimize stress for you and your family. 

Travel is never perfect, and that’s often the beauty of it. Here are a few tips for your journey and ways to practice mindfulness while traveling.

Preparing to Travel

  • paris holidaysArrive early to the airport. Delays can be hefty this time of year so be prepared with entertainment and snacks, or even prepare games to play with the kids while waiting!
  • Pack your essential items in your carry on, including toiletries, prescription drugs, electronics, and an extra set of clothes (just in case!). 
  • Double check entry and Covid requirements before you leave. This also means making sure you have your passport, vaccination records, and whatever else you may need abroad. 
  • Spruce up the house before departing so you come home to a refreshed space. Your future self will thank you for this one. 

Mindfulness While Traveling 

  • Try something new: Step outside of your comfort zone and try the local cuisine, use phrases in a new language, or experience a cultural practice. Think about how this is different from home, and how it makes you feel trying something new.
  • Meet the locals: Travel reminds us of being open minded and connected to the people around us. A simple conversation with a guide or shopkeeper can teach you about the day-to-day life of the locals around you. 
  • Take time alone: Alleviate overwhelming feelings by taking time for yourself, whether that is going on a walk or journaling your thoughts.
  • Turn off your devices: Vacation is about disconnecting from the online world and makingmemories in real life. Take a break from social media, you can always share pictures when you get back! 
  • Practice gratitude: In the first moments of the day or the last moments of the evening, think about what you are grateful for. Maybe it is for the warm weather, thenyc holidays beautiful holiday displays, or simply having your family so close to you. 
  • Be curious: Ask questions as if you were a child. Let curiosity guide you into new places and discoveries about the local culture. A seemingly simple question could lead to an extraordinary answer.

Our Final Tips

  • Have patience with hotel staff, guides, and drivers! They are excited to welcome back visitors but may not have the staff to reach the demand. Giving them the benefit of the doubt can help them and give you peace of mind. 
  • Tip generously… Those who are working during the holidays are there to provide the best services and experiences for you and are trying their very best!
  • Travel with your “rollwithitness!” Sometimes the universe takes control and changes plans, but that’s okay! Remember to take a breath, remind yourself that you cannot control everything, and make the best of the situation. 
  • While spending time with friends and family, work up a plan for your 2023 trips and reach out to us in early January. Time is of the essence for planning spring break and summer trips! Get started planning with us HERE.

Happy Holidays to you and yours. 

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