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Holiday Special | Expert Panel

December 19, 2023

Though we may celebrate some of the same holidays across regions and countries, we all do them so differently. Understanding those differences can help us to understand each other, it adds beauty to the season, and might even give you a new destination for your wishlist.

Chatting holiday traditions with me today are Cristina Consuegra, our partner in Colombia; Helmut Kugler, our partner in Germany, and Malik Fernando, the owner and MD of the Resplendent Ceylon properties in Sri Lanka!

Helmut makes us nostalgic with scenes of Christmas Markets, Malik takes us back to being children, and Cristina shares how the many different cultures in Colombia have shaped their traditions.

So my friends, I hope you have a joyous holiday season ahead, be safe, thank you, thank you for listening and for all your support, and please enjoy this festive episode of Luxury Travel Insider.



Listen to hear:

  • 02:08 – About their favorite scenes from the festive season
  • 07:37 – What the fun Christmas traditions in Colombia are
  • 09:40 – How the holiday season is celebrated in Sri Lanka
  • 12:34 – Why Krampus Nacht is a unique German tradition
  • 15:08 – What types of lights and decorations go up during the holiday season
  • 17:43 – Why the most fun celebration happens mid-April in Sri Lanka
  • 22:15 – How Colombia got all these funny New Year’s Eve traditions
  • 24:15 – About the ways visitors can come and enjoy the holiday season
  • 26:27 – How you can be part of the celebration
  • 28:08 – About the wonderful Christmas markets in Germany
  • 29:46 – What their personal favorite Christmas food is
  • 33:20 – About their favorite festive choices
  • 36:44 – What you will learn about the world by investing in traveling

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