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Yachting 101 | Trish Cronan

August 22, 2023

Today we’re diving into the world of private yacht charters. Whether you’re taking 30 of your best friends on a mega yacht or just want a nice 4 cabin catamaran for your family in the British Virgin Islands – there is a yacht out there for you!

I grew up sailing and during Covid I took a course on yacht brokering, so we love planning this type of trip for our clients but there are still so many unknowns if you’ve never done a yacht charter so I wanted to have one of our partners join me today for a Yachting 101 session.

Trish Cronan and I discuss the feeling of freedom you get when enjoying a yacht charter, the many different destinations you can enjoy, the basics like cost and itinerary planning, and some fun stories from sea.


Listen to hear:

  • 02:30 – What her favorite view on one of the yachts is
  • 04:49 – How Trish got here and what she loves about it
  • 08:57 – About the evolution of the industry
  • 10:56 – How yacht trips differ from the other types
  • 15:00 – About the overview of the fleet
  • 21:40 – What the costs for yacht charters are
  • 25:39 – Why she has many insider details about yachts
  • 28:45 – What the most popular destinations for this type of travel are
  • 33:05 – How they discover off the beaten path destinations
  • 41:29 – About a story of a crew member going above and beyond for the guest
  • 43:20 – Why Trish has a favorite memory of a past guest
  • 45:24 – About her favorite choices on yacht charters
  • 48:51 – What you will learn about the world by taking a yacht vacation

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