Postcard From: Antarctica

by Feb 12, 2024

Why Antarctica antarctica private plane

The real question is – why NOT Antarctica? The seventh continent may not have thousands of years of history, but it is a world wonder like no other. Whether you explore by air, land, or sea, there will be a different experience around every icy corner. This is the best place on earth to see penguins, understand the impacts of climate change, and take a step back to really connect with our planet.

How To Visit

There are multiple ways to visit Antarctica but our favorites are by luxury expedition ship, or by flying private from Cape Town to stay in a luxury ice camp. I’m lucky to have experienced both and the experiences are vastly different. Whether you want to see penguins and wildlife, learn about Antarctic history, climb mountains, party in Antarctica for New Years Eve, or visit the South Pole, there is a trip for you. 

Things To Do 

Depending on the excursion and mode of transportation, activities will vary. Zodiac boats and kayaks can bring you up close and personal with wildlife like whales, seals, seabirds, and multiple species of penguins. If you prefer active adventures you can hike and mountaineer, cross country ski, kayak etc. The final must of any trip to Antarctica is having a drink made with ten thousand year old ice!


antarctica penguins



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