Antarctica | Meet The Guides

October 10, 2023

Today we’re heading down to the white continent of Antarctica.

This vast land holds an extremely special place in my heart and this was my second trip to the continent. This time I visited by flying over from South Africa and staying at one of White Desert’s beautiful camps called Echo Camp.

I took along my recording equipment and am so glad I did because I think you’ll find the stories that follow quite inspirational. While my day to day was focused on mountaineering activities, what was most special about the trip was meeting the team and learning about the incredible amount of logistics that go into the camp and transporting scientists and dignitaries to and from Antarctica.

There’s something about being secluded with humans from around the world, in place that waves no flag. My guests today – Neil, Stuart, James, Sean, and Dumi share how months on end in Antarctica have inspired and changed them and tell stories of some incredible things they’ve experienced



Listen to hear:

  • 02:07 – What Neil’s favorite spot here is
  • 04:00 – Why he keeps coming back to Antarctica
  • 04:56 – About the process of becoming a mountain guide
  • 08:02 – How you can stay safe here
  • 11:24 – Why the guests take him to the South Pole as their guide
  • 13:24 – What it is like in the South Pole
  • 16:12 – About the craziest adventure he was asked to do
  • 19:45 – How he has a favorite memory of a past guest
  • 20:35 – What the most satisfying part of being a guide is
  • 23:13 – About Neil’s choices and advices
  • 27:33 – What Stuart’s favorite spot in Antarctica is
  • 28:45 – How he started his journey here
  • 30:35 – About the nature of his work
  • 37:58 – What the hardest thing about getting jet fuel is
  • 41:24 – How he had the biggest surprise here
  • 46:45 – Why it’s important for people to keep coming to Antarctica
  • 48:50 – What his favorite memory of a past guest is
  • 50:06 – About Stuart’s favorite choices here
  • 52-35 – What the roles of the other guides are
  • 54:57 – About their favorite aspects of the roles they have
  • 58:23 – What the guides do for fun here
  • 61:00 – How it is like to see a special penguin
  • 62:31 – What the hardest thing about living and working in Antarctica is
  • 67:18 – About the craziest thing a guest has asked them for
  • 70:36 – What you will learn about the world and humanity by visiting Antarctica

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