Exclusive Access: Space Flights with Virgin Galactic

by Mar 1, 2023Travel Tips

As children we let ourselves imagine all kinds of possibilities. While most of those dreams eventually fade, sometimes they really do come true. If you’ve ever wondered at the possibility of space travel, the time has finally come. 

At the dawn of this new space age, Virgin Galactic plans to send adventurous travelers into orbit, starting in the next 1 to 2 years.  

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Preparing for Your Journey

As a top Virtuoso Travel Advisor we have exclusive access to selling the remaining seats to join Virgin Galactic’s first cohort of astronauts! The program price is $450,000 with a $150,000 deposit ($125,000 of which is refundable).

virgin galactic virtuosoOnce you’ve deposited on your journey you immediately become a member of the exclusive Future Astronaut Community and benefit from a lifetime of perks. Other than connecting with a network of like-minded adventurers, members have exclusive access to curated events, trips, and activities. These include weeks on Sir Richard Branson’s private island and the annual flagship Space for the Curious festival.

You also gain access to the Virgin Galactic facilities for a behind-the-scenes look at the program. And to give back to the community, members have the opportunity to work with Galactic Unite, the outreach program supporting and inspiring young people to pursue an education in science, technology, engineering, art and architecture, and mathematics (STEAM) fields. 

Once you’ve joined the Future Astronaut Community, you’ll be enrolled in the Space Readiness Program to prepare your mind, body, and spirit for this unique journey. Alongside your fellow astronauts, you’ll join pre-flight events in New Mexico at the futuristic SpacePort America. 

Future astronauts benefit from training in High-G and Zero-G environments. Twelve months before departure, you will define your personal flight mission on a pre-flight retreat. At six months out, medical checks begin, customized spacesuit fittings start, and several days of training with the spaceflight-experienced instructors commences. At this point… you are ready to go to space!

Blast Off

spaceship interiorOn the day of take-off, three guests will be there to see you off for this historic event.

When you board the spaceship you’ll be surrounded by 17 windows for breathtaking views of Earth. The journey begins with a smooth runway take-off on the spaceship which is attached to the mothership. Once the ship reaches an altitude of 50,000 feet, you are released from the mothership and head for the stars. Only a minute later you are in space! Finally you’ll be free to float around the cabin, experience zero gravity, and view the world from a vantage point that fewer than 700 people ever have. 

After these life changing moments, your pilots will begin to prepare the spaceship for reentry and the aircraft will land similarly to a private jet. Virgin Galactic uses their space systems innovation of feather technology to welcome you back to Earth smoothly. Your friends and family will be waiting to greet you and Virgin will put on a closing ceremony for you and your fellow astronauts. 

To learn more about this incredible journey click here and listen to our podcast episode with Virgin Galactic commercial President, Blair Rich. If you’re interested in experiencing this life-changing trip, please email sarah@bellandblytravel.com 

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