Virgin Galactic

Virgin Galactic | President (Commercial), Blair Rich

November 14, 2022

On today’s show we’re not visiting a particular hotel, city, or even country. We’re looking up. Up, past the layers of our atmosphere and in – to space. While space has historically been reserved for elite astronauts, we have now reached the age where this dream can become reality for more and more people.

My guest today is Blair Rich, President and Chief Business Officer of the commercial side of Virgin Galactic. The company is the world’s first commercial spaceline dedicated to the mission of Space for All.

If you’ve never heard of the Overview Effect, I hope this episode will help you understand why getting more and more people to space can have a profound impact on our world. Most astronauts report being forever changed and seeing the world as a borderless planet where earthly conflicts seem pointless.

Blair and I discuss why space travel is so important, what your experience as an astronaut with Virgin Galactic will be like, the amazing events and community you’ll get to be a part of, and some fun stories about the company and of course Richard Branson.

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Listen to hear:

  • 02:31 – What Blair’s favorite spot on the spaceship is
  • 04:56 – About the Overview Effect
  • 08:22 – What the original idea and the vision of Virgin Galactic are
  • 11:19 – How she shares her favorite moments with Richard Branson
  • 14:54 – Why you will become a Future Astronaut
  • 18:39 – What the training and the flight day look like
  • 22:18 – How much you are experiencing zero gravity in a 90 min. flight
  • 27:00 – About a behind the scene story that can’t be found online
  • 30:44 – How the Future Astronauts create special memories, and their post-flight experience
  • 35:46 – What Virgin Galactic plans for the future are
  • 39:17 – About Blair’s favorite choices on space travel with Virgin Galactic
  • 43:52 – What you will learn about the world and humanity by becoming a Virgin Galactic Future Astronaut

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