Postcard From: The Galápagos Islands

by Nov 30, 2022Destinations

Why the Galapagos 

The pristine islands of the Galapagos are the place to go to immerse yourself in wildlife and disconnect. Being able to interact so closely with these special animals and gain an understanding of how this diversity came about is a truly powerful experience. 

galapagos beachIslands to Visit

This group of islands off the coast of Ecuador are best explored by sea – though your accommodation options vary from luxury lodges or private villas to 100 person expedition ships, to private yachts. While each island has its own distinct ecosystem, most itineraries allow you to see the vast majority of special species. We’ll help you decide on the right itinerary based on the species you’re most excited to see and experiences you’re looking for. 

Must-see Wildlife

Wildlife inhabiting these islands ranges from penguins to iguanas to giant tortoises. The Galapagos sea lions will be your welcoming party to the beach, and you’ll see many species that don’t exist anywhere else in the world. My favorite moment from my most recent trip was snorkeling in the same moment with penguins and tropical reef sharks, under a landscape of lava rock and cacti! 

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galapagos cliff


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