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Travel Insurance | The Most Important Travel Purchase You Never Think Of

May 03, 2022

We’re talking about travel insurance and other forms of travel protection. I can’t tell you how many myths abound about this aspect of travel – from thoughts that claims don’t get paid anyway, to not fully understanding why it’s so important. 

We insure our cars, our watches, our dog’s vet bills – and even though luxury travelers are spending MUCH more on their trips than on these items… they don’t all insure. 

Over the past two years in my business I can’t tell you how valuable having travel insurance has been for our clients in the know. 

So today I’m welcoming Shannon Lofdahl and Ross Thompson, respective CEOs of Travelex and Covac Global. We did our best to illustrate this topic through some interesting stories and historical context.



Listen to hear:

  • 02:39 – About a story of a traveler who got saved by his travel insurance
  • 05:19 – What prompted Ross to start Covac Global
  • 08:54 – How travel insurance began and evolved to this day
  • 13:01 – About the services they offer, and how they can be complimentary to each other
  • 19:44 – What are the myths about travel insurance
  • 24:51 – About the favorite features of their own policies
  • 28:23 – What the most requested theme to be insured is
  • 32:09 – Why Millennials and Gen Z should consider travel insurance
  • 37:40 – How a past client left a story to remember
  • 40:38 – About the craziest claim they ever heard of, and a few insider tips
  • 43:12 – What the travel industry has taught them about the world and humanity

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