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At Bell & Bly Travel, we help and inspire our friends, colleagues, and clients to stretch their comfort zones and experience more of the world – a travel philosophy we like to call “traveling bigger.” Check back often for updates on our trips, info on unique travel experiences, travel tips, and tools.

It’s All About the Journey with Rocky Mountaineer

It’s About the Journey, Not the Destination The journey is truly the most important part when traveling with Rocky Mountaineer. This luxurious train has all the necessary amenities and so much more. Just out the window you will find yourself in the valley of the...

rocky mountaineer canada

A Guide on Where to Safari in Africa

Most people believe that visiting Africa is a one and done experience, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Africa is HUGE. In fact, it is so large that the US, India, China, and most of Europe can fit within its borders together. The continent boasts 54...

giraffes namibia

7 Ways Travel Has Changed

Over the last two years, our lives have changed and travel has as well. Being stuck at home for so long has only made the desire to travel stronger, but your experience traveling now will be different. The importance of traveling has been reimagined and has been...


Why You Should Reconsider Luxury Cruises

Over the years we have done hundreds of discover calls with new clients and quite often folks will go out of their way to mention they are "not cruise people." While that may be true for some (hello motion sickness!) - the notion that all cruises are 7,000 person...

seabourn luxury cruise

Positive Psychology & Travel

Want to be happier? Travel is one of the best ways to boost happiness by implementing the lessons of positive psychology! What is “positive psychology” you ask? In short, it’s the academic study of human flourishing… The branch of psychology that focuses on...

sunset positivity

The World Is Your Classroom

If you have children in school, you’re in school, or you haven’t opened a textbook in years, there are endless ways to learn when on the go. Travel is the best education especially with our partners who have taken it up a notch through e-learning for curious...

montage palmetto bluff

Bell & Bly Travel’s 2021 Year in Review

When I think about 2021, I certainly have mixed emotions. It was both an incredible year and below the surface (though it’s hard to admit to my positive vibe loving self!), a very difficult one. I’m happy but supremely tired! I wanted to unpack some of these mixed...

whale shark cancun

Top Ten Bucket List Destinations for 2022

With all the time spent at home over the last two years, our bucket lists are overflowing with destinations to see and things to do! The world has so many incredible experiences to offer from wildlife-filled adventures to diving into ancient history. As these...

sydney opera house australia

5 Holiday Destinations You Can Actually Get To

We may all be living with Covid-19, but if travel is on your wishlist for the holidays - now is the time to start planning. Early this summer, the top hotels in the US were fully booked through October.  Much of Hawaii is already booked for Christmas and New Years....

Los Cabos

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