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At Bell & Bly Travel, we help and inspire our friends, colleagues, and clients to stretch their comfort zones and experience more of the world – a travel philosophy we like to call “traveling bigger.” Check back often for updates on our trips, info on unique travel experiences, travel tips, and tools.

Bell & Bly Travel’s Year One in Review

I’ve been on a winding entrepreneurial journey for a few years now. 2017 was a year of hits and misses for me personally. I spent most of my time investing in other people's businesses, when what I really wanted was one of my very own. Though I was working on...

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Hacienda Zuleta: Your Home Away From Home in Ecuador

Hacienda Zuleta is a hotel I just cannot stop raving about. If you’re thinking of a trip to Ecuador, this one has got to make your list!Hacienda Zuleta is special because….A lot of hotels say that they have designed their spaces so that you feel “at home.” Hacienda...

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Hacienda Zuleta courtyard

Sarah’s Top 7: Unique Hotels For The Holidays

Traveling over the holidays can be extremely rewarding - either with the whole family to celebrate, or as a getaway right after Christmas. On the other hand, this is the busiest travel season all year. Many resorts can also nearly double their prices! Check out my...

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Ceylon Tea Trails: The World’s First Tea Bungalow Resort

I just returned from Sri Lanka and was so excited to report on my stay at Ceylon Tea Trail Bungalows! However, I must acknowledge that shortly after my return and before this posting, there were a series of horrible bombings in Sri Lanka. I have been in contact...

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ceylon tea trails plantation

Huvafen Fushi: A Maldives Vacation Gem

With over 100 resorts in the Maldives, it can be daunting to plan a Maldives vacation! Here is my review of one very special property in the North Male Atoll, Huvafen Fushi. Huvafen Fushi is special because...Huvafen Fushi is a special gem in the huge pool of...

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huvafen fushi maldives vacation relaxing

Why Antarctica Was My Favorite Trip of All Time

I've been to all 7 continents and almost 100 countries, so I'm ALWAYS asked what my favorite country is. The answer is, it's not a country! My favorite trip of all time was visiting Antarctica over Christmas and New Years a few years back. I wasn't expecting much...

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Penguins in Antarctica

Sarah’s Top 7: Best Travel Books

I’m starting the “Sarah’s Top 7” series to share my personal travel style, travel tips, and opinions on travel. I plan to cover packing tips, pet peeves, destinations, and more. That said – these posts will showcase my personal opinions on things I’ve experienced...

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Top 10 Tips for Long Flights

If you're looking for tips for long flights, you've come to the right place! In traveling to nearly 100 countries I've been on more flights than I can count. And if you can believe it, long flights are actually my favorite! Here are my top 10 tips for long flights....

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Morgan’s Rock: An Unexpected Eco-Oasis

Tucked away deep in southern Nicaragua is an eco-oasis like nothing I’ve experienced before. Morgan’s Rock is an ideal place to getaway, reconnect with nature, and have adventures you’ll remember forever. Morgan's Rock is special because... Morgan’s Rock is special...

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susnset at morgan's rock

February Roundup: 5 Breathtaking Travel Experiences

 This month I'm rounding up 5 unique but also breathtaking travel experiences. From adventure activities to a whirlwind trip around the world, these experiences will truly surprise you or take your breath away! Camp Near the Edge of the Gates of Hell Of all the...

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