Red Carnation Hotel Group

Red Carnation Hotel Group | Jonathan Raggett

October 11, 2022

Today we’re transporting ourselves to the world of Red Carnation Hotels. If you haven’t heard of this hotel group, it’s probably because each of their properties is so unique and special that they don’t carry a brand name. Iconic spots come to mind like Ashford Castle and The Egerton House, which offer ultra personalized service with a family atmosphere.

My guest today is Jonathan Raggett, Managing Director of the entire collection. Jonathan and his team are focused on every little detail at these boutique hotels. We cover how they’re picky about which local purveyors provide everything from the smoked salmon to the soaps. We also dive into their philosophy of “Make Travel Matter” and small ways in which your travel dollars can support local communities while giving you a truly authentic experience.

Jonathan’s passion for these beautiful, quirky, and globally inspired hotels shines throughout our conversation. I hope you take away some travel inspiration from this episode of Luxury Travel Insider.



Listen to hear:

  • 02:15 – About Jonathan’s favorite view from one of the properties

  • 04:46 – How a love story started the Red Carnation journey

  • 07:01 – Why the unique approach in each of the properties is important to them

  • 08:41 – How he feels about winning the Travel + Leisure award

  • 09:50 – What they look in a destination when opening a property

  • 14:19 – About the design details that most people don’t know

  • 15:47 – Who the special partners they work with are

  • 18:22 – What makes their new safari lodge different from the others

  • 22:02 – How they live by their saying “Make Travel Matter” 

  • 25:45 – What small touches they focus on to provide a WOW experience

  • 28:47 – How a few past guests left a special memory with him

  • 34:55 – About Jonathan’s personal favorite choices

  • 38:46 – What you will learn about the world after staying in of the Red Carnation Hotels

Listener Exclusive Amenities

A complimentary drink in the bar during your stay, and if available, their General Managers would be very happy to join you!

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