Thank You For This Entrepreneur’s Journey

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Is it trite to use Thanksgiving as fodder for a blog post? Almost definitely… but I couldn’t let the opportunity pass to say thank you for making this entrepreneur’s journey so fulfilling. Whether you are a family member, Instagram follower, client, friend, investor in one of my other endeavors, former colleague, or just a fan of my blog – you’ve played a part and I can’t thank you enough.

Leaving The Corporate World

All of you supported me in one way or another as I left the corporate world. Some of you offered me other jobs, some of you gave me high fives, some of you talked to me for hours while I cried about spilled milk. I have worked as an investment banker, investor, marketer… I even worked at Uber! All of these roles were exciting, but something was always missing. When I left Uber to focus on starting my own business, I had a preconceived notion that I could never support myself building a career in travel – so I looked elsewhere.

I spent a lot of time working on other business ideas. I looked at companies to buy, thought about doing a search fund, explored franchise deals. The works. Nothing fit and most of the things that did failed.

Focusing in on Travel

Travel is my passion not only because I love it, but because I truly believe it makes people more tolerant. Inspiring and enabling others to travel more widely is my small way of making the world a better place. I was attempting to do this on the side through social media, but knew I wanted to do more.

My family, and especially my husband, finally encouraged me to check my assumptions (and my ego) and give travel a shot. I have been planning travel for friends forever but I finally “went pro” in August of this year. I was nervous what my former colleagues would think about this path but I went out on a limb, invested in my business, and put myself out there.

Building My Business

Since then, my friends, classmates from Stanford, and colleagues have been nothing but supportive (who doesn’t like to talk travel?). But even more amazing is that many have actually hired me and helped to grow my business at a record pace.

Because of you, I literally get to spend my day dreaming about and planning travel. I’ve helped couples, families, solo-travelers, “too busy to plan” executives, and startup founders, plan time for themselves, have enriching experiences with their families, and see parts of the world they may never have seen otherwise.

Thank you all so much for helping make this entrepreneur’s journey so fulfilling! I wish you a wonderful holiday season and hope you’re spending quality time with the ones you love, wherever in the world you may be.



  1. Ron Mogel

    So happy for you and you ability to work st what you love.

    I am at about 110 countries and just about done except for some do overs that Netha has yet to experience.

    Since leaving MSI, we have done Ecuador and Peru including the Galapagos.

    Next journey was Egypt, Jordan and Israel. Then we did a drive through Germany, France Austria, Switzerland and Monaco when we took European delivery of our car.

    Then a few weeks in Ireland.

    3 weeks domestic in Alaska before hitting Nepal, Bhutan and India. Everest base camp was a high point (literally and figuratively).

    Did a RTW jaunt hitting Hawaii, Japan, Philippines, Mongolia, Australia, Russia and Iceland.

    Just got back from S. Korea, China and Tibet. Holding a panda was so cool.

    Next week Aruba.

    March will be Cuba and Jamaica.

    Just about ready to stay home for a bit or do another US driving road trip. Last one was 22 states and 10,000 miles.

    Be well and enjoy the world. We sure do.

    • Sarah Groen

      Thank you Ron! So nice to hear from you. Sounds like you’ve been on a GRAND world tour. I am trying to catch up to you – I think I will hit 100 countries in 2019! Enjoy the Caribbean and let me know if your road trip takes you through Houston!

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