My Travel Philosophy: Travel Bigger

by Jul 31, 2018Uncategorized

When I first decided to start Bell & Bly Travel Design, many of my friends and family asked me why, and what was driving me to change professions at this point in my career. I thought about my “why” but it became clear very quickly – my why is to inspire more people to travel to more places. As a Bell & Bly client (or future client!), that means helping you “travel bigger.” I can help you plan any kind of trip you like, but I will also inspire you to visit places you may never have considered or thought were out of reach. Whatever your comfort zone is, I can help you stretch it while also keeping you comfortable and well taken care of. If you feel like time is flying by and you need someone to look forward and plan out your bucket list items for the next five years, I can do that too!

When I developed the concept of helping people travel bigger, I knew I needed to have EXCELLENT relationships with travel experts around the world. Experts who I would trust to send my family and closest friends on trips with and would throw in perks and VIP status. Researching how to build these relationships is what brought me to Brownell.

Brownell is a host travel agency – meaning that I affiliate with them to leverage their relationships across the industry. I chose to work with Brownell because they are the “ivy league” of travel. Not only do they accept less than 5% of interested travel advisors (that’s me!) to work with them per year, the affiliation helps me to quickly multiply my deep relationships across the industry and the world.

I can confidently get you to Antarctica, help you get involved with restoring a villa in the French countryside, sail the Dalmatian islands, or camp with nomads in Mongolia (all in style, with zero worry!).

Have you ever wanted to go somewhere but been unsure on how to make it a reality? Let me know and I’ll help you to travel bigger.


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