February Roundup: 5 Breathtaking Travel Experiences

by Feb 28, 2019Monthly Roundup

 gates of hell turkmenistanThis month I’m rounding up 5 unique but also breathtaking travel experiences. From adventure activities to a whirlwind trip around the world, these experiences will truly surprise you or take your breath away!

Camp Near the Edge of the Gates of Hell

Of all the travel experiences I’ve had, visiting the Gates of Hell was by far the most mind blowing. The “Gates of Hell” is a gas well that was never completed because the ground started sinking. The engineers thought it would be better to burn the gas off and lit it on fire. It has now been blazing like holy hell for nearly 50 years! I camped in a tent near the edge of the fire pit and watched shooting stars all night long. We were the only people around for miles. Couple that with a night in Ashgabat and you’ll be hard pressed to find a stranger place to visit in the world than Turkmenistan!

Experience an Around the World Journey via Private Plane

There’s probably no form of travel more luxurious than circumnavigating the world via private plane. Abercrombie & Kent has been running these trips for years now. They change the destinations each year based on current trends and traveler preferences. In each location your group will have a bespoke itinerary with the best that country has to offer. 2019’s around the world journey hits hot spots like Mongolia, Bhutan, and Sicily.

Paraglide to Your Luxury Hotel in Oman

Six Senses Zighy Bay is set on the northern tip of one of my favorite countries to visit, Oman (check out the feature the Oman Observer wrote about me last year!). The hotel is nestled between Zighy Mountain and the beach, has stunning beach front villas, and amazing service. What really sets it apart though? The arrival process! When you reach Zighy Mountain, you have the choice to allow your luggage to continue down by road while you PARAGLIDE down to the hotel. 


Go Cross Country Skiing in Antarctica

Visits to Antarctica are getting more and more popular, but it is still one of the least visited places on earth! Providers like National Geographic, Quark, and Abercrombie & Kent continue to get more creative in their activities for this truly once in a lifetime trip. You can stand up paddle board in Antarctic waters, visit a research base, and now even cross-country ski on Antarctica.

See for Yourself & Take a Political Tour Through Palestine

If you’re wondering why it was such a big deal to move the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, taking a political tour in Israel and Palestine will truly open your eyes to the current situation on the ground. You can see the imposing wall, hear about government run bulldozing of Palestinian housing complexes, and even stay with a Christian Palestinian family and hear about their experiences first hand. You can also visit a Palestinian refugee camp or focus on the more traditional sights like seeing Bethlehem.

To plan a breathtaking experience, book a Virtuoso or partner hotel, or just pull together a weekend getaway, I can help. Reach out early to get on my departures list!


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