Morgan’s Rock: An Unexpected Eco-Oasis

by Mar 3, 2019Destinations, Hotels

Morgan's Rock 2 Bedroom VillaTucked away deep in southern Nicaragua is an eco-oasis like nothing I’ve experienced before. Morgan’s Rock is an ideal place to getaway, reconnect with nature, and have adventures you’ll remember forever.

Morgan’s Rock is special because…

Morgan’s Rock is special for so many reasons, I’ll have to bullet point it for you!

  • Staff that feels like family – I almost typed “family that feels like staff” if that gives you an idea. Andre, Andrea, Harvey, Felix, Gabriella and everyone else at Morgan’s Rock care deeply about making your stay fun and relaxing.
  • Stunning  rooms – the photos online don’t do these rooms justice. There are so many activities on the 7,000 acres that make up Morgan’s Rock, yet I found it hard to pry myself from my room. The villas are perched on the hillside overlooking the beach. From ultra-comfy beds with bright white linens to curtains flowing in the breeze – it’s a true oasis. Each room has a massive porch with a swinging bed and seating area. I highly recommend one of the rooms with a plunge pool!
  • The beach is nearly untouched – It’s not Caribbean crystal clear water or ultra-white sand, but something about being on a totally wild beach is healing. Near sunset you can walk in the sand, hear the waves crash, and experience a truly natural beach. Closer to the hotel, you can still enjoy modern comforts like hammocks, loungers, boogie boarding, and the cutest beach bar you ever saw.
  • Experience nature all around – Morgan’s Rock is a true luxury eco-lodge. They care deeply about sustainability and walk the talk too. Without even leaving the property you can see sloths, monkeys, go kayaking in the mangroves, explore the organic farm, milk a cow, and experience a farm breakfast.

Morgan’s Rock is right for you if…

Morgan’s Rock is an amazing choice for those who love nature and want to get back to basics. It is a luxury eco-lodge that comes complete with the occasional bug, and without air condition (though there is a mini AC system over each bed).

Families (even with young kids!), couples, active honeymooners, and anyone who likes luxury adventure would really enjoy this spot. Morgan’s Rock is situated just north of Playa Maderas and San Juan del Sur. You can escape to both via the hotel’s private boat – for surf lessons at Playa Maderas or to explore the town.

You can fly into Managua or Costa Esmeralda Airports and then be picked up by Morgan’s Rock and transferred privately to the hotel. It’s about 3 hours from Managua and 1 hour from Costa Esmeralda (suitable for private planes or a commuter flight from Liberia, Costa Rica). There is a handy flight every day from Houston to Managua and back.

Morgan’s Rock might not be for you if you need a constant supply of air condition and are terrified of bugs. It is quite luxurious but still an eco-lodge that is designed to immerse you in nature. That being said, the staff do everything they can to make you comfortable and the screens and doors protecting the rooms are VERY solid and keep most of the elements outside. If you have mobility issues this might not be the best spot either as the villas are up a slope (though some can be accessed by golf cart). 

Nicaragua is worth visiting because…

Nicaragua is my favorite country to visit in Central America hands down. It has beautiful eco-lodges like Morgan’s Rock and Jicaro Lodge San Juan del Sur Morgan's Rockfurther north. It has more volcanos to climb than you can count and loads of wild life. You can zipline and visit colorful colonial cities. The people are warm and the vibe is authentic. Nicaragua has nearly everything except an over-run tourism scene. Come to Nicaragua to see what Costa Rica might have been like 30 years ago (but with many more volcanos!).

Though the country has experienced some recent political strife, the people seem hopeful that things are on their way back to normal. I monitored the situation carefully while I was in the country but never once felt unsafe personally. Morgan’s Rock is committed to the safety of it’s guests and staff goes out of their way to ensure your comfort and safety.

If a trip to Nicaragua is in your future, contact me to plan, tailor, and VIP your vacation! 


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