10 Reasons to Use a Travel Advisor vs. the Internet

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Have you ever decided you were going to manage your stock portfolio on your own (you know… do all the research and make the best picks!?). And then gotten completely overwhelmed and quit? With an exploding amount of both good and bad information on the internet these days, planning a trip can feel similarly. Sometimes money management and travel planning should be left to the experts. Here are 10 reasons why working with a trusted travel advisor is better than the internet.

Travel Advisors have access to a wealth of resources that most travelers don’t even realize exist. I have on-the-ground contacts, dedicated air specialists, a network of other travel experts, insider booking tools, and more at my disposal. This helps make sure that you get the best trip for you rather than relying on packaged, impersonal options that may lack quality.


You don’t know what you don’t know! Save 20-60 hours of planning work that comes with scrolling through thousands of TripAdvisor reviews, pinterest rabbit holes, and instagram hashtags.  Use a travel advisor instead! I will do the nitty-gritty research and you can review the options to make sure they’re perfect for you.

Advisors have strong relationships with hotels and other partners all over the world, and we don’t have to use an 800-number to reach them. For example, I just met up with some of the leadership team from Red Carnation this afternoon! Red Carnation is one of the top hotel brands in the WORLD and they will answer my call when I tell them you need a birthday cake or a bottle of champagne waiting in the room when you arrive.

We are experts because we’ve been there, literally. I am not just booking what I can find for you online. Chances are I have been where you want to go (I am about to visit my 91st country!) and I have spent 20 years learning the ins and outs of travel.

Insider Info
We also make time for the fun stuff. While the internet doesn’t care much what happens to you after you book, I will have fun tidbits to keep you excited about your trip until departure day. Need recommendations for movies and books to get you in the spirit for your upcoming trip? Packing lists? Destination guides? Extra surprises? You got it.

As an independent advisor affiliated with Brownell, I can access amenities, upgrades, benefits, and promos that you can’t get your own. Because of our stellar reputation in the industry, I can even get you perks that most other agencies can’t! Plus I can “VIP” you by reaching out to my local contact at your hotel. PS – this all comes at no extra cost to you!! 

Insider Scoop
Travel Advisors are always on the cutting edge of the latest travel trends. I know the new up and coming destinations, the luxury options in “off-the-beaten-path” destinations, and am always the first to know of a new hotel opening, cruise itinerary, security updates and more. 

More and more we are spending on experiences over things. This means the age of cattle car tours is waning and that your trips should be customized to you! If vacations are a major line item in your household budget, it’s worth it to experience each to the fullest. As an advisor who will get to know you for the long haul, I learn your expectations, interests, non-negotiables and take those all into account when designing your itineraries or long term bucket list plans.

The Dirty Work
When using a Travel Advisor, you can be as hands-on or hands-off as you please. But when it comes to the difficult stuff, I’ll handle that for you. When your river cruise is cancelled last minute due to low river levels, you can relax in a German brew pub while I re-craft your itinerary for you. I can also help in working with the travel insurance company and the dreaded airlines! (If you book it with me, I’ll take care of it).

Everything in Between
Advisors know how to read the fine print. I will double check the details of passport rules, visa applications, tour meet up instructions, departure times and more.

As a bonus, I also wanted to mention that working with an Advisor doesn’t really cost you much more. Many advisors (me included) will charge you a reasonable fee in return for our time but won’t mark up hotels or tours from what you find online. That means we can work in your best interest and that for the same price as booking online, you get a world of perks and upgrades. Pretty great value if you ask me!


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