10 Genius Travel Apps for Your Next Trip

by Aug 18, 2018Uncategorized

For those of us who need a little assistance when it comes to packing, Packpoint helps you create a packing list and will even check the weather for you!
iOS | Android

Grab app helps you navigate restaurant options at different airports, browse menus ahead of time, and eve order and pay from your phone. Never miss a meal between flights!
iOS | Android

Actually not an app, but rather a FB messenger bot system that tracks your flights in real time, predicts possible problems with your journey, and gets you paid by airlines who delay your plans by 3 hours or more.

This app helps you bid farewell to jet-lag. With soothing meditations, this binaural beats generator can help you get to sleep when you want and concentrate when you need.
iOS | Android

Dark Sky
Crazy accurate near term weather predictions that tell you exactly when it will rain/snow up to an hour in advance. Also features great weather and radar animations.
iOS | Android

Love to explore on foot? Sidekix is a smart “urban discovery” app that will route your walk according to your interests.
iOS | Android

Great tool for optimizing and navigating public transport. CityMapper helps you find the fastest way from Point A to Point B and can be used offline in some cities.
iOS | Android

SayHi Translate
SayHi is a translating app that uses voice recognition. It will do on-the-spot translating so that you’re always able to converse with the locals.
iOS | Android

A membership-based reservations app for finding unique experiences, reservations, and more.

XE Currency
A handy currency converter so you’re never left wondering what that vintage handbag or bottle of wine actually costs.
iOS | Android


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