5 Kid-friendly, Bespoke Tours for Developing Future Leaders

by May 13, 2020Destinations

What better way to help develop leadership skills and help raise global citizens than to travel? Travel takes us out of our comfort zone and pushes us to adapt to our new surroundings, experience other cultures, and broaden our perspectives. Leadership skills don’t only develop once you’re in a leadership position – they can start long before that. In our world of increasing globalization, helping children learn these important skills early on helps them grow as people and as future leaders. Bell & Bly Travel is experienced at planning kid friendly bespoke tours that parents will enjoy as well!

Here are 5 leadership skills that are developed through travel.

1. Adaptability

Being adaptable is one of the traits of being a good leader. Whether you’re working at an established company and seeking a new way to market, or you’re starting your own business and need to adjust your strategies — being able to adapt is crucial. When you travel, you may miss a connecting flight or get a flat tire traveling between destinations. These challenges require being able to adapt and problem solve.

A great way for kids to learn about adaptability is a camping trip to Yellowstone National Park! When you’re camping, you and your family can unplug from technology and be reacquainted with nature. From building a tent to building a campfire, your kids are adapting to a different set of skills and way of living.

Whether exploring the Upper Loop in search of waterfalls, the Lower Loop for mud volcanoes, or the Continental Divide, you’ll be making great memories as a family. Together, marvel at the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone or keep an eye out for the remarkable wildlife that call this national park home.

For those that want to experience the great outdoors without leaving behind certain creature comforts, visit the Resort at Paws Up in Montana. With more than 37,000 acres of undeveloped land, you can hike 100 miles of trails, head out on an ATV, try fly fishing, and sleep in glamping tents instead of roughing it!


2. Cultural Awareness

Removing yourself from your daily routine and experiencing different ways of thinking helps you grow as a leader.

As more workplaces hire internationally, it is incredibly important to be culturally aware. Why not spend a few days in a language immersion program or consider including a home stay as part of your vacation? If you’re looking to brush up on your Spanish, you can book a week long Spanish class almost anywhere in the Spanish speaking world. We’d recommend Cartagena or Buenos Aires. Here, the whole family can take Spanish classes in the morning and practice what you’ve learned in the afternoons while exploring! 


3. Communication & Confidence

Communication skills are crucial for a good leader and traveling is a great way to expand those skills and gain more confidence. When you encounter a language barrier, being able to cross that sometimes means using non-verbal communication, gestures or a language dictionary to help you be understood.

It can be intimidating at first to travel to another country that speaks a different language, especially one that has a different alphabet. When you realize that you have the skills to handle situations like this, it’s a huge confidence boost! With the Olympics being held in Tokyo next year, it’s a great opportunity to build those confidence skills while discovering a new country. Plan an educational kid-friendly bespoke tour to Japan and visit the many historical sites and museums across the country.


4. Teamwork

Washington DC

This is an essential skill that bodes well for great leaders. It combines many aspects, including communication, compromise, and collaboration. When it comes to communication, part of it is making sure that you are understood, but it is equally as important that you are able to listen and understand.

Head to Washington, D.C. where your kids can put their skills to the test! Creative scavenger hunts will have you listening closely and working together to solve the clues. We can help you plan this educational tour through the nation’s capital!



5. Allocating Resources

Traveling forces you to consider how to best allocate your resources, from budgets, to the weight limits for your luggage. These same skills can be translated to the business world when it comes to allocating company resources or even your time. You need to find the right balance to succeed.

Consider giving your children an allowance for the entire trip – or for 2-3 day chunks at a time. Allow them to decide where to spend it – whether it’s another scoop of gelato on a trip to Rome, or that cool gladiator book for sale near the Colosseum. When in Rome, also make sure to take advantage of all the kid-friendly bespoke tours! The kids (and you!) can become a gladiator for an afternoon, participate in making your own pizza class, or even design your own mosaic artwork!

Let Bell & Bly Travel help plan your next family vacation and kid-friendly bespoke tour. We can also set you up with a travel plan for the next 3 – 5 years to help you check off those bucket list destinations and ensure your kids are developing their leadership skills!


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