Top 5 Benefits of Traveling – Why We Should Travel More

by May 1, 2020Travel Tips

If you are thinking of your first trip in the post-coronavirus world, whether it’s a weekend escape to recharge, or checking off a faraway bucket list destination, remember that traveling changes you mentally and physically. 

Did you know that looking forward to a vacation directly contributes to happiness more than making a material purchase? Keep reading to learn the benefits of traveling, and how it can make a great impact on your lifestyle and overall health.

Beach Vacation - The Benefits of Traveling


1. Reset & release stress

At Bell & Bly Travel, we strongly believe that the time and money you spend on traveling is actually an investment in yourself, and science has our back! A Cornell University study showed that we are significantly happier while anticipating a trip. This means your happiness starts to increase the moment we talk about planning your next trip.

Furthermore, if you’re headed on a trip to enjoy nature – whether skiing, a beach vacation, or on a hiking trip – being outside also encourages mindfulness. It turns your attention to the sounds, smells, and other details of your environment; and is a fun and easy way to release stress.

2. Boost your creativity & build confidence

Getting out of your comfort zone will help you boost your creativity. Stretching yourself past your normal routine into unfamiliar territory creates new neural pathways in your brain, increasing what scientists call “neuroplasticity.”

In addition to this, with travel comes new sounds, smells, languages, tastes, sensations, and sights. These spark different synapses in your brain, helping to build new connections and rewiring it.

We keep all this in mind when planning your trips and can gently stretch your comfort zone by suggesting experiences that you may not have otherwise known about!

3. Increase your attention span

We all love our smartphones and our email, but this constant barrage has drastically decreased our ability to focus. Studies not only show that as a society our collective attention span is weakening, but also that our intelligence is measurably lower the closer we are to our phones.

Good news! We can help you reverse some of these effects through nature travel. Spending time in nature can have a positive effect and help increase your attention span, which can be especially important for kids.

Just make sure to turn off your phones when you head to the beach or on that long hike. Try a book, or learn photography on an SLR camera instead.

4. Gain perspective

We truly believe that traveling increases tolerance. The more we can encourage people to experience new things, the better our world will be. Visiting new destinations increases your understanding of other cultures and broadens your perspectives.

In addition to building tolerance, travel is an amazing way to just learn. Taking your kids to the Colosseum to participate in “gladiator training” will stick with them far longer than what they learn from a textbook in school. Also, learning new languages helps keep your brain sharp in the long run.

5. Live longer & healthier

Last but not least, globe-trotting is also scientifically proven to be good for your physical health.

Biking Bespoke Tour

Traveling can be your best probiotic and can help provide the immunity that most of us no longer have, as being exposed to different environments creates stronger antibodies and boosts your immune system.

As well, you are more likely to stay active during a trip vs. spending 8 hours at a desk. YES, even strolling through a city, or swimming in the ocean counts as being active! Using your muscles and breaking the sitting routine is great for circulation or even for jump-starting a new workout routine when you get back home.


Invest in yourself 

Next time you think about skipping your spring break, summer, or holiday trip – think about the benefits you and your family gain just by trying something new, and the added productivity you’ll achieve by being rested and more creative when you head back to work. 

We’re here when you’re ready to start planning your next adventure!


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