Europe Is Overbooked, Check Out These Summer 2022 Alternatives

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A summer vacation to Europe may seem like a dream, cozying up in a Spanish farming village or eating gelato on a gondola in Venice… but that dream has been postponed!

inkaterra peru“Revenge travel” is alive and well as people itch to start exploring the world again. Combine this with all the 2020 and 2021 trips that were postponed until this year and you can understand the demand storm the industry is facing. At the same time labor shortages have also affected the travel industry keeping the supply (and service levels) a bit lower than pre-Covid.

Luxury hotels across many of Europe’s most popular destinations are either fully booked or have nearly doubled in price for this summer. The best guides have also been spoken for, and the crowds can be expected to be large. 

Due to these factors, we are recommending that if you haven’t already planned your summer travels, you look elsewhere for this year and start planning now for Europe in Summer of 2023.

Here are a few alternative ideas we love! 

South America 


For exciting adventures, rich history, and award-winning food, let’s discover Peru. Between the rushing Urubamba River and towering Andes Mountains is the Sacred Valley, which is just as blissful as it sounds. The capital city of Lima is known as South America’s food capital with colorful dishes like ceviche and lomo saltado. Don’t miss a privately guided tour of one of the Seven Wonders of the World, Machu Picchu or spend time off the beaten path in Puno, Arequipa, or the Amazon Rainforest!


colombiaLike in Europe, Colombia has bustling Spanish style cities full of art, history, and food like Botogá and Cartagena, but also boasts hidden gems in the countryside. In Colombia’s coffee region, wake to the smell of roasting coffee beans nestled on the mountainside of the Central Andes. Stay in Tayrona or Santa Marta for a beachside vacation with Spanish influence and vibrant Caribbean culture. Or wonder at pre-Columbian ruins and fantastic wildlife. 

Northern Chile

If the summer heat is already getting to you, let’s go south of the equator starting in Santiago, Chile. After your private tours of the Chilean Museum of Pre-Columbian Art and Plaza de Armas, take a day trip to the nearby wineries. The Casablanca Valley is a romantic getaway known for its chardonnay and sauvignon blanc. North of Santiago is the Atamca Desert filled with geysers, flamingos, and clear starry nights. Stay at the hidden Awasi Atacama lodge to explore this extraterrestrial land. Find out more about Awasi lodge collection on Luxury Travel Insider

Northern Argentina

In the late winter months, northern Argentina starts to warm up to the 50s and 60s. Begin your journey in the capital city of Buenos Aires visiting major landmarks, eating the best traditional Argentine food, and taking tango dance lessons. Further off the beaten path is the stunning Iguazu Falls, one of the largest waterfalls in the world – complete with a luxury lodge and time in the jungle you’ll feel a world away from the big city. While it may be too cold for a trip to Patagonia this time of year, don’t rule that out for your next visit to Argentina. 

Southeast Asia


nihi sumba turtleA summer vacation in Indonesia can be whatever you want to make of it. From a peaceful retreat focused on yoga and wellness, to a luxury surfing or dive trip, to an in depth study of the culture – there truly is something for everyone. To see more of the beautiful islands of Indonesia embark on a luxury cruise from Bali to Moyo Island and Komodo National Park. For even more adventure, pair Bali with Singapore for world class cuisine, shopping, and fascinating history.


Vietnam is a diverse country with different attractions in the north and south. In the north you will find abundant rice fields over the hills of Sapa and welcoming people in the capital, Hanoi. In central Vietnam are historical UNESCO World Heritage sites–the Imperial City of Hue and the Son’s Sanctuary where you can learn about the Nguyen Dynasty and Hindu gods. Further south, wellness and relaxation are thriving from the tops of the trees down to the shoreline at Amanoi. Listen to the Luxury Travel Insider podcast episode with Aman hotels regional director, Tom Rutherford to find out more. 

zannier phum baitangCambodia

To visit more of Southeast Asia, embark on a luxury cruise with Aqua Expeditions on the Mekong River moving through Vietnam and Cambodia. Take a tour around the enormous Buddhist temple, Angkor Wat, built in the 12th century and discover how it has influenced architecture and culture all over the country. When staying at Zannier’s Phum Baitang resort, you will never need to leave the 20-acre property filled with rice paddy fields and private terraces. This resort is for the whole family with Buddhist inspired spa temples and rice harvesting classes for the kids. 

Eastern Europe/Asia

cappadocia museum hotelTurkey

On the European side of the country is Istanbul with the major historical landmarks like the breathtaking Hagia Sophia. However, for a summer vacation, Istanbul can be hot so after hitting the highlights, head south to the beaches of Bodrum on the Mediterranean Sea or perhaps some time on a yacht visiting this lesser traveled region of the Mediterranean. In Cappadocia, take a hot air balloon ride and explore the enchanting sand caves around the city. Sarah is headed to Turkey in June to scope out the best spots for our clients. 

Prague & Vienna 

These two fairytale cities actually still have good availability for this summer. Prague is a great destination for family travel to Europe this summer. Kids will feel like real life princes and princesses when exploring the city’s castle. The travel is simple between these two cities and the change of scenery will treat you to Vienna’s chocolate torte’s, the birthplace of famous classical composers including Mozart and Beethoven, a vibrant city atmosphere. Maria, Bell & Bly Travel’s lead Travel Designer has just returned from a scouting trip and has all of the latest intel.


Northern Territory 

Australia is finally open for travel and while it may not be the best beach weather, it is a great time to explore the Outback. The Northern Territory boasts many Mars-like national parks and Aboriginal towns. The ancient outback town of Alice Springs is the perfect spot with hot air balloon rides, baby kangaroos, Aboriginal culture, and endless wild adventures. 

South Australia

On the opposite end of the continent is Adelaide, a city full of entertainment, art, and culture. The South Australia Museum and Adelaide Botanical Garden are must-see stops. Venturing north to the countryside you will find the most beautiful wineries. Barossa Valley is known for its culinary heritage along with world renowned wines. Adelaide Hills has a unique vineyard location in Mount Lofty Ranges and is home to distinguished wineries with a long history. 

If you are looking to plan a trip to these destinations for late summer, get started with us here

northern territory aus


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