Awasi | Co-Founder, Matias de Cristóbal

April 04, 2021

Today we’re discussing the icons of South America – Patagonia, The Atacama, and Iguazu – with one of the region’s most visionary leaders – Matias de Cristóbal. 

I lead here by telling you about the places and the people before mentioning the hotel, because paraphrasing, Matias’, the focus should be on the experience that is brought to life by the surroundings and nurtured with the love of the people. 

Awasi is a collection of three small lodges, meant to blend into nature and invoke something inside you. Regardless of whether you’re set in the mountains, the desert, or the rainforest you’ll be treated to a private local guide, storytelling through local cuisine, and a handcrafted experience that only these destinations can provide. 

Matias shares a lot of wisdom in this episode, from his own journey to some lessons to live by. We also discuss the importance of “all local” – from handicrafts and design, to guiding, and food. And what the true definition of luxury is. 

Whether you’re envisioning yourself trekking Torres del Paine, seeing the salt flats in the Atacama, or wondering at the largest waterfalls in the world – I hope you enjoy this special episode with Matias de Cristóbal.



Listen to hear:

  • 02:14 – About Matias’ view from his favorite spot
  • 03:19 – What the story behind his plunge in hospitality is
  • 11:22 – Why he chose the Atacama, Iguazu, and Patagonia as locations
  • 14:17 – How the ancient intertwines with the new on the property
  • 18:35 – About the important relationship with Relais & Chateaux
  • 20:46 – What the inspiration behind the design of the interiors is
  • 24:35 – Why the team is one of the key pillars for Awasi’s success
  • 29:59 – How the culture impacts the guest experience
  • 32:52 – What the future trends in the industry are
  • 36:42 – About the new and upcoming destinations
  • 39:29 – What some of Matias favorite things on the property are
  • 43:36 – What you will learn about the world after visiting Awasi

Listener Exclusive Amenities

Awasi Atacama – Relais & Chateaux:

Upgrade on arrival, subject to availability

Daily Buffet breakfast (included in rates)

Guest’s choice of one (1) of the below special treats offered by the property chef ($100 USD equivalent retail value):

An excursion picnic for two in an amazing location

A tasting menu specially prepared by the chef

Early Check-In / Late Check-Out, subject to availability

Complimentary Wi-Fi


A romantic special tasting menu

A private wine tasting with their Sommelier

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