Travel Trends for 2019

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It’s almost a new year and that means evaluating the hottest destinations and the latest travel trends for 2019. Travel trends evolve slowly over time and remain longer than trends in fashion and food.  One thing is always true though, travel is always in style! Read on for five of the latest travel trends.

DNA Tours

One of the most popular gifts over the past two years has been DNA Kits. They are everywhere, and travelers have taken notice. Beyond just knowing their heritage, travelers are taking the time to trace their roots and travel to the various locations their ancestors lived. Heritage specific tours can now be arranged as well.

Throwback Trips

Many people yearn for the “good ol’ days,” which are more and more available for today’s traveler to experience. Belmond’s trains, like the Belmond Royal Scotsman or the Venice-Simplon-Orient Express, take you back to the Golden Age of Travel. US National Parks are seeing an uptick in old-fashioned family road trips, and perks like having an assigned butler to your room are becoming mainstays at major luxury hotels.


You might not want to own a yacht, but now you can have the yachting experience whenever you want. More and more travel companies are releasing yacht products, including Ritz-Carlton. The hotel company’s first foray in cruising, the Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection will offer top notch service while transporting you to hard-to-reach destinations aboard brand-new yachts. The first vessel will launch in 2020 and is now taking reservations.

Cultural Immersion

More than simply seeing a destination and marking it off a list, travelers want to delve deeper and connect with the local culture. For example, instead of a whirlwind highlight tour of Italy, you may choose to rent a villa and use it as your home base to explore the area. Home stays and ecolodges have also become quite popular.

Digital Detox

More travelers want to disconnect from the everyday technology and recharge. Travelers are taking more long weekends and making use of wellness retreats and digital detoxes around the world. Some luxury hotel brands like Explora in Chile actually discourage screen time by making wifi and television hard to come by on some properties (though available in common areas).



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