Top Ten Bucket List Destinations for 2022

by Feb 17, 2022Destinations

With all the time spent at home over the last two years, our bucket lists are overflowing with destinations to see and things to do! The world has so many incredible experiences to offer from wildlife-filled adventures to diving into ancient history. As these countries begin to reopen for travel, it is time to start making your dream trip a reality by planning with us! Here are the top ten bucket list destinations!

Australia & New Zealand

While both of these countries are amazing on their own, why not travel to both to check off these bucket list adventures? Down under you can explore the wilderness, the culture, and the ocean over a month-long trip. 

Red Footed Booby GalapagosGalapagos

A trip to the Galapagos is equally educational as it is fun. This destination is ideal for all travelers, but especially makes an exciting family vacation!


While it may be the last continent travelers get to cross off their list, Antarctica has a spot on almost everyone’s bucket list. It is a must-see destination with such a special experience that cannot be compared to others. 

European Adventure

Europe has so much to offer from taking a train through the United Kingdom, trying all the pizza and wine in Italy, or cruising along the Mediterranean Sea to visit the Greek Islands, there is something for everyone. 

African Safari

No other experience compares to seeing beautifully dangerous animals in their natural habitats. Once you see lions, elephants, and giraffes through your own eyes, you will be longing to visit Africa time and time again!



There is a peaceful harmony between the modern technology as it juxtaposes ancient traditions in Japan. This country’s extensive history brings so much to learn and plenty of time to do so by traveling all over the country. 


From hiking on a glacier to horseback riding through the country and enjoying local cocktails on a mountain peak, Patagonia is the perfect destination for luxury travel by combining exploration, education, and eating!


Imagine jumping into your history books looking directly at the 4,500 year old pyramids of Egypt!  The rich culture has a prominent influence on the history you can learn on this trip. 

Southeast Asia

The tight compound of Southeast Asia makes it easy to travel to Vietnam, Thailand, and Cambodia in one trip. Each country brings unique experiences with intertwined histories.



“The Last Frontier” has bountiful wildlife during the long winters and short summers. Check out the 49th state for breathtaking scenery, native culture, and plenty of exploration at your fingertips. Alaska has amazing ethnic food and local breweries for the foodies!

We are ready to help you cross off the next destination on your bucket list! Reach out now to start planning.






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