October Roundup: 5 Unique Travel Experiences

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I get a lot of questions about why I became a travel advisor, if that’s something that really “still exists,” and why wouldn’t I just book everything online these days. I’ve already posted about the high-level reasons to hire an advisor: perks/upgrades at partner hotels like The Four Seasons, Belmond, Hyatt Prive, time savings, and insider knowledge/access that can’t be found online.

That last one though, is really the key and is something even I learn more about each day that goes by. I’ve been traveling for 20 years and am constantly surprised and awed when I learn about the unique experiences I have access to for my clients – even in some of the most common destinations! So each month, I’ll post something about the cool new experiences I recently uncovered. Here goes:


Skip the Drake Passage for Antarctica!

I visited Antarctica a few years back and had the trip of a lifetime! I would highly recommend it to almost anyone, unless you are very prone to sea sickness. Most itineraries include at least one crossing of the Drake Passage which is notoriously rough at times. New itineraries have come out this year that allow you to completely bypass the Drake by flying to the Antarctic Peninsula and meeting your ship there. Problem solved!

Have a house party in a castle

Yup. I have partners that not only have a portfolio of different castles that can be rented out, but I work with them to plan an entire itinerary for you and your guests and any festivities to go along with it! From traditional kilt ceremonies, to hunting, fishing, and touring Loch Ness with an expert – you can essentially be Royal for a week!

Spend the night in an elephant reserve

I just had lunch with a partner who has exclusive access to an elephant rescue reserve in India. You can spend a hands on afternoon with the elephants and their caretakers and then opt to stay the night in the reserve in glamping tents or just enjoy a candlelight dinner before heading back to your hotel. The reserve doesn’t actively market to tourists so your group is likely to be the only one visiting!

View the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade like a celebrity

Ever wanted to treat your kids to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade but don’t want to bear the crowds or the cold? I have a partner that organizes a small, VIP event to view the parade from a space right on the parade route (not set back) and on the 2nd floor, eye level with all the balloons! Clearly it comes with brunch and cocktail bar for the adults ?

Tour Italy like a local

I visited with one of my top partners in Italy over breakfast this morning actually, talking trends in travel to Italy. The hottest new destinations are Sicily, Puglia, The Dolomites, and Bologna! Countryside destinations are also increasing in popularity. I can pair you with a local guide who will show you “their” Italy –  taking you to the local pub to meet their friends, showing you their high school, telling you about their lives etc. Think of it as a new way to get to know a place, where your guide actually becomes your friend!


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