Phum Baitang

Zannier Hotels | Owner, Arnaud Zannier

November 10, 2020

My guest today is Arnaud Zannier, Owner of Zannier Hotels, a collection of 6 properties from the intimate Le Chalet in France, to the famed Phum Baitang in Cambodia.

In my opinion, Zannier is the epitome of luxury for the traveler who wants to feel immersed in a culture. While other luxury hotels may box out the local culture to create a sense of home within their walls – Zannier turns that on it’s head – inviting the local culture in. 

Arnaud himself comes from a famous French fashion family and owned and ran his own footwear brand. Eventually he decided to go another way and with Zannier Hotels, he created something brand new in the world of travel. 

Arnaud and I discuss his style and hunting for antiques. We also talk through creating emotion for guests – something you can’t see in any photos on trip advisor, but truly have to feel. We also cover a certain celebrity guest of his and what to expect next from the brand. 


Listen to hear:

  • 02:18 – About Arnaud’s favorite spot at the newest Zannier property opening this year in Vietnam
  • 03:49 – How Arnaud went from the footwear industry to the fashion industry, and finally into the hospitality world
  • 05:33 – How Arnaud came across the first property in the collection
  • 06:45 – About the second Zannier Hotel being built on an abandoned paddy field in Cambodia
  • 08:44 – Why Arnaud sees luxury as an experience that will stick in your memory 
  • 11:36 – About Zannier Hotels’ timeless architecture and interiors 
  • 14:21 – Arnaud’s process for collecting antique pieces for each hotel
  • 16:08 – How Angelina Jolie inspired Arnaud to start building luxury lodges in Namibia 
  • 24:25 – Why the sophistication of the property makes Sonop the biggest WOW hotel
  • 26:07 – About upcoming properties from Zannier 
  • 28:44 – What will you learn about the world if you visit Zannier Hotels

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