Reid Creek Lodge

Wyoming | Reid Creek Lodge

January 17, 2023

My guest today is Andrea Nicholas Perdue, CEO of Wagonhound Holdings and the visionary behind Reid Creek Lodge in Southeast Wyoming.

If you’re a fan of the show Yellowstone, Reid Creek Lodge is the stuff of your dreams. Nestled against a mountain range, far from the grip of your technological worries, this is a place where you can truly get back to what’s important. Camp out with your family, spend time with ranch hands caring for the horses, or just learn what it means to play, slow down, and enjoy.

Andrea and I discuss everything from what goes into managing a working ranch, to some fun Oregon Trail history, to how true hospitality is the new definition of luxury.

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Listen to hear:

  • 02:17 – About Andrea’s favorite spot on the property
  • 04:21 – What is unique about this region
  • 05:42 – How the name Wagonhound came to be
  • 07:43 – About the history of the ranch
  • 09:57 – How the ranch functions daily
  • 14:01 – Who built the property, and the layout of it
  • 17:33 – What the details here that most people don’t know are
  • 24:28 – How guests can experience the ranch through its activities
  • 33:45 – Why a few past guests left special memories with her
  • 38:31 – About Andrea’s favorite choices on the property
  • 40:43 – What you will learn about the world by visiting Reid Creek Lodge


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