West Africa

West Africa | Expert Panel

March 07, 2023

We’re shaking it up today with a panel of experts from a very interesting region of the world, southern West Africa. Together we’ll explore the countries of Ghana, Benin, and Togo, learn more about the religion of voodoo, and understand how a truly authentic experience can transform your way of thinking.

Our guests today are Alberto Nicheli, Founder of the travel company TransAfrica, Cedi Jaba, one of the preeminent bead makers in all of Africa, and Egbatao Djato, a top guide in the region and educated scholar on both Western and West African cultures.

What I love about this episode is how passionate all three are about the region and about sharing their experiences with visitors.




Listen to hear:

  • 02:08 – How is Alberto soaking up the atmosphere in Ghana, Benin, and Togo
  • 03:30 – About our esteemed guests, Cedi and Egbatao
  • 07:41 – Why West Africa should be on your travel list
  • 09:33 – What drew Alberto to this region
  • 12:34 – Why beads are important to the Ghana culture
  • 14:34 – How the culture differs in Togo, Benin, and Ghana
  • 18:38 – What they want the world to know about West Africa
  • 23:28 – About the up and coming trends here, and the best time for travel
  • 26:58 – About the festivals in Ghana
  • 31:44 – Why you must try the food of the region
  • 36:27 – How they share special memories of past guests
  • 41:52 – About their favorites in the region
  • 48:06 – What you will learn about the world and humanity by visiting West Africa

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