Vienna & Prague | Expert Panel

August 30, 2022

I’m excited to whisk you off today to two of my favorite cities in Europe, Prague and Vienna. I think the travel world sometimes forgets that Vienna was once the center of European power, while its sister to the north is the birthplace of bohemian culture.

To paraphrase Karl Kraus, while the streets of other cities are paved with asphalt, the streets of these two cities are quite literally paved with culture.

Here to discuss Vienna and Prague with us are Gwen Kozlowski, my partner in the region, and Kamila Karen, one of the top local guides in all of Prague.

Both Gwen and Kamilla tell tear-inducing stories of families during the war, share wistful images of coffee shops and pubs, and truly impart a sense of what it’s like to visit this part of the world.



Listen to hear:

  • 02:12 – About Gwen and Kamila’s favorite places in Vienna & Prague

  • 05:14 – Why you should visit both of the cities in one go

  • 06:59 – Are you the traveler for this trip

  • 08:16 – How the two cities differ from the rest in Europe

  • 10:58 – What characterizes the culture in Prague

  • 13:30 – About some fun facts on each of them

  • 17:25 – How the Prague revolution shaped the city

  • 18:50 – Why you should experience the Viennese balls

  • 21:44 – About the Jewish history in these cities

  • 24:53 – What some of the ungoogleable experiences and activities here are

  • 30:04 – About their favorite memories and choices

  • 38:33 – What you will learn about the world after visiting Vienna and Prague

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