Uniworld | CEO, Ellen Bettridge

January 13, 2021

Our guest today is Ellen Bettridge, President and Global CEO of Uniworld River Cruises. Uniworld has 1200 employees and 21 ships and counting – and it’s also the first cruise line to be featured on our show.

But In my opinion, sailing with Uniworld is more like being in a floating boutique hotel than being on a cruise line. While the average ocean cruise takes 5,000 passengers – Uniworld ships clock in at about 120!

After you unpack and relax into one of the finest made beds in the world, you can watch the world by by from the top deck with a drink in hand, have a chef prepared dinner of locally sourced food and plan for the next day. Depending on where you’re sailing your choices will range from hiking and biking, to private history or museum tours, to wine tasting with a wine maker and more.

Ellen herself is a truly involved leader – though she’s held top exec positions across the cruise industry, she told me off air that she still keeps letters from guests in her desk and sails with repeat customers every year.

We discuss everything from the private art collection on board each ship, to new destinations, to the lemon chicken recipe that is Ellen’s favorite. If you’ve ever been curious about river cruising – you’ll love hearing all this detail.


Listen to hear:

  • 02:34 – About Ellen’s view from her favorite ship
  • 04:46 – Why river cruising is a unique way to explore
  • 08:01 – How you can discover bucket list destinations with Uniworld
  • 10:04 – About new and exciting, upcoming destinations
  • 13:52 – About Uniworld’s philosophy around guest experience
  • 16:56 – How the joy from a river cruise trip stays with you for years
  • 18:44 – Why millennials should consider river cruising
  • 20:10 – What families and solo travelers can expect from the cruise
  • 22:32 – About the original artwork on the ships
  • 25:53 – Who inspires the exquisite cuisine on board
  • 27:54 – What you will learn about the world after sailing with Uniworld

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