The American West

The American West | Kevin Jackson

January 16, 2024

Today we’re headed deep into the American West to discover magical deserts, epic adventures, impossibly big skies, and wildlife you just can’t see anywhere else in the world. This is a land of contrasts – from the hottest desert, to the largest trees; from the longest canyon, to the world’s most epic super volcano. And aside from the natural wonders, we’ve got surfers, cowboys, Native Americans, and a melting pot of cultures in between.

My guest today is Kevin Jackson, our partner for ultra-luxury, special experiences across the western part of the US. If you can dream it up, we can plan it. Kevin and I chat about everything from mountaineering to visiting with a Navajo Code Talker, to private luxury camps set up in beautifully remote landscapes.



Listen to hear:

  • 01:66 – About Kevin’s favorite spot in the whole United States
  • 03:31 – How he takes us on a walkthrough of the American West
  • 05:55 – Why more people should visit this region
  • 08:17 – What his favorite national parks here are
  • 11:02 – Which historical figure from the American West is his favorite
  • 14:16 – How you can best see the wildlife scenery
  • 17:17 – About a few insider details that most people don’t know
  • 20:02 – How the culture of the people here differs from the rest of the US
  • 22:31 – Why he has to offer many favorite adventures to choose from
  • 27:07 – What should people be looking for when choosing a guide
  • 29:36 – About some special experiences Kevin has designed for guests
  • 34:13 – What adventures are interesting to explore in California and Alaska
  • 37:45 – About an experience he organized to dive into Native American history
  • 39:33 – How he has a dear memory of a past guest
  • 43:40 – About a few of Kevin’s favorite choices
  • 45:14 – What you learn about the world and humanity by visiting the American West

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