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November 08, 2022

This time we’re heading to the Sabi Sands and Kruger in South Africa for the safari of a lifetime! In the Kruger area, I saw more prides of lion than I ever have anywhere else, and in the Sabi Sands had ultra-close up encounters with leopard. 

On this trip, I also visited all of Singita’s South Africa lodges, including Ebony Lodge, Boulders, Lebombo, and Sweni. I reveled in my private plunge pool, was stunned by the decor and gorgeous pops of color, thoroughly enjoyed the strong cocktails, and of course stood inspired by Singita’s amazing guides and team members.

Since I’m in the field for this episode vs. sitting in the studio, you’ll hear some of the sounds of an actual game drive and enjoy conversations with one of our extremely accomplished wildlife guides, the cooking school chef, and Singita’s K9 anti-poaching expert.

We discuss so much in this episode from crazy wildlife stories, to Nelson Mandela, to becoming one of Africa’s first female guides, to giving back to the community. I hope you enjoy this very special episode of Luxury Travel Insider.

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Listen to hear:

  • 02:28 – About a day in the life of the culinary school students
  • 05:09 – How the Master Chef spent his early days in the presence of Nelson Mandela
  • 08:31 – What drew him to give back to the community
  • 12:15 – Why the selection process is a challenge
  • 17:04 – How the culinary school impact its students’ life
  • 21:45 – About a favorite story of a past student
  • 24:01 – What is cooking on the classes
  • 28:16 – Which stories of past guests left special memories with him
  • 30:11 – What you will learn about the world after spending time here
  • 33:15 – The sounds of an actual game drive
  • 44:17 – About Chantal’s view from her favorite spot in the reserve
  • 45:10 – How she became a wildlife guide
  • 50:29 – What makes her so uniquely skilled in various fields
  • 55:02 – How she had a few wildlife experiences of a lifetime
  • 69:01 – Why people should consider coming here for the wildlife experience
  • 71:30 – What makes the area great for lions
  • 72:56 –  What you will learn about the world after visiting the Kruger area
  • 74:58 – About the work and the structure of the wildlife K-9 anti-poaching unit
  • 79:36 – Why Rory found his passion here, and the selection process to join the unit
  • 81:41 – About his favorite story from a past dog
  • 83:16 – How the guests can be involved in the work of Singita
  • 84:05 – What you will take as a lesson after visiting the Sabi Sands

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