Sol y Luna | Owner, Petit Miribel

October 06, 2020

If you love luxury with a heart, Sol y Luna is the spot for you. Petit and her husband Franz moved to the area 23 years ago and felt compelled to start a foundation. Sol y Luna came after – as a way to raise money for their growing schools. The hotel is a gorgeous set of little villas, decorated in rich colors and artwork, and cooks up some of the best food you’ll find in the Sacred Valley. 

Petit wasn’t always in the travel world – she had a corporate career first, which brought her to Peru. It was then that she and Franz realized something different was calling them – so they quit their jobs to seek it out. 

Petit and I discuss why the Sacred Valley is not to be missed on a trip to Peru, how to seek out truly off the beaten path experiences, and what it’s been like to raise a family and build one of the top hotels in Peru while staying true to her passion, the foundation.


Listen to hear about:

  • 02:21 – Where Petit’s favorite spot on the property is 
  • 02:58 – How Petit left her job and felt called to move to the Sacred Valley
  • 06:13 – What you’ll feel and experience when you visit Sol y Luna and colorful Peru
  • 07:07 – The story of independent hoteliers who became a family
  • 08:27 – Petit’s favorite activities in the Sacred Valley, including archeological visits and mountain biking 
  • 10:27 – A behind the scenes story about the hotel
  • 11:16 – How Sol y Luna promote local art and artists
  • 12:11 – The story of a 14-year-old guest who raised money for children with disabilities 
  • 14:24 – Examples of how Sol y Luna creates wow moments for special occasions
  • 16:44 – How Petit raised a family while managing the foundation and the property
  • 19:01 – Why guests actually ask to pay higher rates at Sol y Luna
  • 21:30 – Petit’s story on building the Foundation and how they’re managing through Covid
  • 24:33 – What you can learn about the world from a visit to Peru

Listener Exclusive Amenities

Upgrade on arrival, subject to availability

Daily Buffet breakfast for two guests per bedroom, served in the restaurant 

$100 Spa or Activity Credit

Early check-in/late check-out, subject to availability

Complimentary Wi-Fi


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