Sicily | Barbara Iaccarino

November 02, 2021

Today we find ourselves strolling along the coastlines of Taormina, the historical walkways of Palermo, and in the shadow of the gorgeous Mt. Etna. 

I’m so excited to be chatting with my friend, Barbara Iaccarino to dive into the fascinating island of Sicily. 

Any mention of Sicily conjures up mafiosos eating cannoli and stunning coastal vistas – but Barbara helps us go a bit deeper and to understand the melting pot of cultures that have influenced this region over thousands of years. 

We chat about everything from family adventures, to local handicrafts, to WWII, to the Sicilian Kiss!       



Listen to hear:

  • 01:53 – About Barbara’s favorite spot in Sicily
  • 03:00 – Why she started her own hospitality business
  • 04:08 – How Sicily differs from the rest of Italy
  • 05:13 – What her favorite character who impacted Sicilian culture is
  • 08:19 – About Barbara’s overview of the different areas there
  • 10:04 – What the difference between the inland and the coastal part is
  • 12:19 – How the Sicilian culture is evolving
  • 14:15 – What the trends in travelling are
  • 18:25 – About her favorite memory of a past guest
  • 23:18 – How you should experience Sicilian cuisine
  • 26:02 – About Barbara’s favorite activities and choices in Sicily
  • 32:42 – What you will learn about the world after visiting Sicily

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