Seychelles | Tomas Cochrane

January 02, 2024

Today we’re whisking you off to a set of secluded islands in the Indian Ocean. This special place is so beautiful and remote, that it is often touted as the original Garden of Eden.

Joining me to chat all things Seychelles, is our partner in the region Tomas Cochrane.

Whether you’re looking for a far flung, relaxing, tropical paradise, or a more active adventure complete with interesting wildlife, hiking, and island hopping – the Seychelles really has something for almost everyone.

Tomas and I chat about the different personalities of the various islands, the history, pirate inspired treasure hunts, and of course some of the gorgeous hotels.



Listen to hear:

  • 01:54 – What Tomas’ view from his favorite spot here is
  • 03:46 – About the overview of the Seychelles
  • 05:01 – How his travel recommendations can help you
  • 09:03 – Why the Seychelles differ from the Maldives and Mauritius
  • 12:38 – About the history of the Seychelles
  • 19:44 – How the culture has shaped the country
  • 21:01 – What the specifics of the lesser visited islands are
  • 27:15 – Why the untouched nature is a must visit
  • 27:52 – About some of the ungooglable experiences
  • 30:19 – What type of luxury and ultra-luxury hotels you can enjoy here
  • 31:14 – How certain past guests left a favorite memory with him
  • 33:14 – About a few fun facts on the country
  • 34:38 – What you will learn about the world by visiting the Seychelles

Listener Exclusive Amenities

A complimentary tour of the colorful markets in Victoria on Mahe, followed by lunch at Tomas’ favorite local restaurant, Marie Antoinette.

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