Portugal | Luis Sousa

April 01, 2021

Today we’re discussing one of my favorite destinations, the country of Portugal. This destination is chock full of so many amazing landscapes, tiny villages, charm, and fantastic food that you almost won’t believe it.  

Whether you’re shopping local in Lisbon with the cool kids, drinking wine under 2,000 year old olive trees in Alentejo, or noshing on a cheese plate on your private boat in the Algarve – you’ll be appreciating the one thing that makes Portugal so special – the warmth and hospitality of its people.

Our guest today is Luis Sousa, a former tax lawyer turned passionate advocate of all things Portugal. Together with his wife, Luis left his job and started a company to show off all that his country has to offer. We discuss off the beaten path destinations, ungoogleable experiences, and of course some of Luis’ favorites.



Listen to hear:

  • 02:16 – About Luis’ view from his favorite spot in Portugal
  • 3:34 – Why he switched from being a tax lawyer to the travel industry
  • 6:01 – What you can expect from the different regions in Portugal
  • 8:41 – How the history and culture of Portuguese impact today’s culture
  • 12:25 – What some of the new trends in Portugal are
  • 16:02 – Which some of the off the beaten paths in Portugal are
  • 19:51 – Why Madeira and the Azores are a hidden gem
  • 23:32  – What ungooglable experiences you can expect
  • 25:11 – How the little things are the greatest about the Portuguese
  • 28:27 – About Luis’ favorite choices and recommendations
  • 39:19 – What you will learn about the world after visiting Portugal

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