Peru | Silvia Rico

August 16, 2022

Today we’re discussing the country of Peru, and all the riches it has to offer. While many people think of Peru synonymously with Machu Picchu, the country is twice the size of Texas and has so much more to offer.

After exploring the incredible culture of the Incas and modern day Peruvians living in the Andes, you can also visit the Amazon, enjoy some of the top restaurants in the world, and learn about any of the other FIFTY indigenous groups dotted across the country.

My guest today is my partner in the region, Silvia Rico. Her passion for bringing the experience of Peru to life is contagious. Silvia and I discuss everything from Ayahuasca, to a full out party on the Inca Trail, to the humility that visiting a place like Peru can instill in you.



Listen to hear:

  • 02:23 – About Silvia’s view from her favorite spot in the country
  • 05:47 – Why she was inspired to show Peru to the world
  • 09:22 – How the layers of Peru intertwine
  • 12:19 – What an overlooked region for travelers to visit is
  • 13:48 – About the Peruvian culture
  • 17:04 – What the fun fact about Peru that most people don’t know is
  • 19:25 – How she and her team organized a spiritual travel
  • 22:22 – About the importance of the porters in the whole travel experience
  • 24:47 – Why visit the Amazon, and the different ways to explore it
  • 28:53 – How the cultural interactions are organized, and the ungooglable adventures
  • 33:37 – About Silvia’s favorite choices in Peru
  • 36:21 – What you will learn about the world after visiting Peru

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