Paris Summer Games 2024

Paris | Summer Games 2024

December 05, 2023

We’re taking another trip to Paris to learn more about the 2024 summer games, and about the history of the games in general.

Our guest is Dave Guenther, Founder & President of Roadtrips – my go to partner when planning luxury travel centered around sporting events. And the partner I am traveling with to the Summer Games in Paris next year as well.

As you can imagine, we are both THRILLED for next year and we chat all about the history of the Olympics, the new sporting events we’ll see in 2024, the fabulous setting that Paris will make for the games, and the hope that bringing people together from around the world inspires.




Listen to hear:

  • 01:44 – About Dave’s favorite aspect of the Summer Games 2024
  • 03:04 – How the Olympic Games developed through the years
  • 04:54 – What his all time favorite Olympic Games moment is
  • 06:20 – Why the games impact the world
  • 09:11 – How France is preparing for this major event
  • 10:54 – What you can expect from the opening ceremonies
  • 13:04 – About the unique venues and the new games
  • 17:17 – How he shares some insider details on this event
  • 19:26 – What the logistics behind circulating in Paris during that time will be
  • 24:56 – Why you should have a good organization while seeing the games
  • 26:07 – How the folks headed to the Summer Games 2024 can discover novelties
  • 31:55 – About some fun facts on the games and its history
  • 34:50 – What you will learn about the world and humanity by going to the Summer Games 2024

Listener Exclusive Amenities

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