Panama | Expert Panel

February 21, 2022

Today we’re chatting about Panama and all its beauty, diversity, culture, and history.

Believe it or not this small country has shaped the course of our entire planet. Scientists say that the formation of the isthmus is what changed the climate to allow ideal conditions for humans to thrive, and today that same isthmus boats a certain canal that has a lot to do with making your daily Amazon purchases happen! 

Now as for travel – Panama is your oyster. Whether you’re coming for surfing, for cloud forests, to learn about indigenous culture, or for history – Panama can provide it all.  

We have two guests today – Jonathan Zelcer, Panamanian and expert in luxury travel to Panama, and Ben Loomis, owner of famed beach resort Isla Palenque.



Listen to hear:

  • 01:54 – About their favorite view in Panama
  • 02:55 – Where Ben found the inspiration to start the property
  • 04:05 – What makes them so passionate to show off their country to the world
  • 05:00 – How the regions in the country differ
  • 07:04 – Why you should put Panama put on your travel list
  • 09:14 – How they provide authentic experiences for their guests
  • 12:44 – What the vision behind the design of Isla Palenque was
  • 14:57 – About the insider details and stories of the property
  • 17:43 – What makes Panama culture unique
  • 20:21 – How you can dispel the myths on Panama
  • 21:47 – What activities and experiences you can have here
  • 26:48 – How the Panama Canal impacts the world on different levels
  • 29:01 – Why a past guest holds a special memory with them
  • 33:04 – About their favorite choices in Panama
  • 37:39 – How they inspire and maintain sustainability in their everyday life
  • 39:02 – What you will learn about the world and humanity after visiting Panama

Listener Exclusive Amenities

A bottle of wine (red or white) during the first dinner, and

A special Boquete coffee amenity

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