Normandy & Brittany

Normandy & Brittany | Adrienne O’Donoghue

July 12, 2021

Today we’re discussing the regions of Normandy and Brittany – a land that has hosted Vikings, Celts, and Roman Invaders. While Normandy is certainly steeped in the emotional remains of WWII – it is also a beautiful reminder of the freedom we all enjoy today.

Digging a bit deeper here you can find delicate lace, superbly fresh mussels, ancient megalithic ruins and medieval works of art. If there’s one thing that rings true about the Bretons and the Normans – it’s that they continue to honor their cultures and remain the backbone of France.

Our guest today is Adrienne O’Donoghue. While originally from Maryland, Adrienne met her French husband in college while helping with the harvest in Bordeaux. 

In addition to living in Normandy for 25 years, being married to the Mayor of Chambois, and raising four children there – Adrienne was a 19th century antiques dealer for 10 years! She now partners with luxury travel advisors like me to craft amazing itineraries for our mutual clients. 

Adrienne and I discuss the history of this special region, impressionist art, crepes, and how to just get lost in the countryside.


Listen to hear:

  • 02:43 – What Adrienne’s favorite view is
  • 04:21 – About Normandy before the WWII
  • 07:02 – Why this is a destination that art lovers should consider
  • 09:36 – About the traits of Brittany as a French region
  • 12:02 – How the cultures between Normandy and Brittany differ
  • 15:59 – How a trip to the region looks like
  • 23:21 – What her favorite special moments created for guests are
  • 30:36 – About her personal favorites in Normandy and Brittany
  • 35:37 – What you will learn about the world after visiting Normandy & Brittany

Listener Exclusive Amenities

Special Welcome Cocktail at Privately Owned Noble Home.

The term “hôtel particulier”, is an urban mansion for Aristocrats and not a hotel as the name suggests.

This noble residence, known as Hotel de la Jumelliere, is an historical home in the heart of Bayeux and owned by your host.

Following a private tour of the home, a typical French APEROTIF, serving some of Normandy’s delicacies.

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