Southern Crossings | Owner, Sarah Farag

September 21, 2020


Sarah FaragNew Zealand is known for sweeping vistas, life-giving hiking, sumptuous food and wine, and ridiculous adventure activities. Though famous for towns like Queenstown – the real magic of New Zealand happens when you get to have vast open spaces all to yourself. With the right planning and guides, that can happen quite easily! 

Our guest on this show is my friend Sarah Farag, Owner and Director of Southern Crossings New Zealand. The company has been around for 34 years and hosts everyone from your everyday traveler to celebrities and royals. Sarah is also the only New Zealander recognized as a Conde Nast Traveler Specialist. 

Sarah and I discuss her favorite destinations, what makes Kiwi hospitality so memorable, and some unimaginable wow moments they’ve created for travelers like you.  



Listen to hear about:

  • 01:49 – Sarah’s favorite spot in New Zealand
  • 03:40 – How Sarah got into Luxury Travel Business
  • 05:10 –  How Southern Crossings works, and some background on “Onsites” or “DMCs”
  • 06:51 – What makes a good guide, and how we take care to match you with the right one 
  • 08:15 – Stories about some of Sarah’s favorite guides
  • 10:27 – How New Zealand is deceptively larger and harder to traverse than it seems
  • 11:42 – How much time you really need to experience the country
  • 14:02 – Who makes a good “fit” to visit New Zealand, and who doesn’t
  • 17:35 – Some off the path locations you can visit in NZ
  • 18:51 – How the Luxury Lodges evolved in New Zealand and why they’re so special
  • 21:14 – Sarah dives into some “ungoogleable” experiences
  • 23:25 – The story of their guest who became a Junior Ranger
  • 24:36  – Why you shouldn’t miss the North Island 
  • 26:42 – Sarah reveals her favorite wine experience in New Zealand
  • 27:33- Sarah’s favorite hike in the country
  • 28:13 – The craziest adventure activities you can get up to
  • 29:30 – How Kiwis still cherish what is good in the world and love to share it with you

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