Dwarikas Nepal

Nepal | Sangita Einhaus Shrestha

November 01, 2022

Today we visit the magical country of Nepal. Known for soaring mountain peaks, gorgeous valleys, and the warmth of its people, Nepal is a country that captures hearts and minds like no other.

My guest today is Sangita Shrestha, owner of Dwarika’s Hotel and Dwarika’s Resort, properties that have a deep purpose and mission to preserve Nepal’s cultural heritage.

Sangita and I chat about Nepali hospitality, her work with children after the earthquake, and some fantastic experiences for guests.

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Listen to hear:

  • 02:01 – What Sangita’s view from her favorite spot in Nepal is
  • 03:30 – About the overview of the country
  • 06:01 – Why travelers feel connected to Nepal
  • 08:59 – How the history of Nepal impacted its people
  • 12:39 – Why Dwarika’s Hotel is a living museum
  • 17:31 – What can the Dwarika’s Resort offer you
  • 20:24 – About the activities guests can do here
  • 23:49 – Which guest left a special memory with her
  • 27:09 – Why she has a special bond with the kids from the relief camp
  • 29:24 – About Sangita’s favorite choices on Nepal
  • 34:01 – What you will learn about the world and humanity after visiting Nepal and Dwarika’s

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