Nature Travel

Nature Travel | Ben Bressler

September 28, 2021

Today you’ll come face to face with a polar bear, see a herd of twenty elephants passing by your picnic setup, and hear the wings flap of 500,000 monarch butterflies.

The topic of today’s show is nature travel, and my guest is Ben Bressler, Founder and CEO of Natural Habitat Adventures – a company that achieves their mission of conservation through helping you explore the wilderness.

Whether you’re in India tracking tigers, or just in your own backyard enjoying the wonders of a tiny hummingbird, there is an awe in observing the natural world that can teach us something precious about life.

Ben and I chat about the first time he realized tourism could be a driving force for conservation, some incredible experiences he’s had in the wild, and how just being in nature and taking it all in can be one of the most powerful tools for sustainability.



Listen to hear:

  • 02:13 – About Ben’s favorite view

  • 03:45 – How his love for nature developed

  • 08:51 – Why sustainability is a significant shift  

  • 10:03 – What was his first meeting with polar bears like

  • 12:50 – About Ben’s in depth encounters with nature

  • 16:41 – How Greenland and the Arctic safari camp can be experienced

  • 20:26 – What innovative ways in nature travel are introduced by him

  • 22:01 – About the memorable stories from India’s nature

  • 26:36 – Why you should take the adventurous wildlife trips

  • 30:39 – How they have great guides for all their trips

  • 34:43 – About the art of zero waste trips, and the logistics behind that    

  • 38:42 – What Ben’s favorite memory of a past guest is

  • 40:33 – About Ben’s favorite choices in nature travel

  • 45:24 – What you will learn about the world after experiencing nature travel

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