Namibia | Tristan Cowley

April 11, 2023

Today we’re heading back to Africa to spend some time in Namibia. If you don’t know much about Namibia – you’re about to be wowed. Whether it’s the massive sand dunes glowing in the sunset, the diversity of culture, or the uber unique wildlife that gets you – Namibia is sure to capture your heart.

My guest today is Tristan Cowley, a born and raised Namibian and owner of Ultimate Safaris. We speak in depth about everything from desert adapted elephants, to art galleries in Windhoek, to Namibia’s independence and freedom from apartheid.



Listen to hear:

  • 01:59 – About Tristan’s favorite spot in Namibia
  • 04:01 – What the moment he decided to dive into this world was
  • 05:04 – What it was like to grow up here
  • 08:33 – About the overview of the different regions of the country
  • 11:11 – Why the Namibian deserts are so special
  • 13:01 – How Skeleton Coast has some hidden stories
  • 16:02 – Where to spot a cheetah
  • 19:21 – Why you should visit Windhoek while in Namibia
  • 22:28 – What the best to way to learn about the culture and to meet the tribes is
  • 25:27 – How you can spend your time with activities here
  • 27:06 – What unique things you can find in Namibia
  • 28:51 – Why he remembers one of his personal wildlife experiences
  • 31:19 – How a past guest left a special memory with him
  • 32:41 – About Tristan’s favorite choices in the country
  • 35:23 – What you will learn about the world and humanity by visiting Namibia

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