Morocco | Hicham Alaoui

March 22, 2021

Today we’re discussing the magical destination of Morocco. Whether the word Morocco conjures up golden images of the Saharan Desert, the smell of scrumptious food, or intricately designed tilework in a breezy riad in Marakesh – you’d be right. 

But Morocco has so much more to give. The confluence of modern infrastructure and deep historical roots means you can enjoy learning about the world and yourself by making a visit. 

Our guest today is Hicham Alaoui, a former Google employee and Harvard Business School student, who like me, turned his passion into his business. We discuss Moroccan culture, common misperceptions, and ungoogleable experiences. 


Listen to hear:

  • 01:51 – What Hicham’s view from his favorite spot is

  • 03:38 – How he started and shaped Experience Morocco

  • 06:20 – Which three places are highlight of Morocco’s triangle and why

  • 08:50 – How to visit Morocco with customized trips

  • 11:34 – Why Morocco is a complex international mix of cultures

  • 14:56 – What new types of experiences are requested by travelers

  • 20:33 – About the specifically tailored Moroccan trips

  • 27:50 – How one family had special magical moments

  • 30:35 – Who the best guests for Morocco are

  • 32:26 – What his take on Marrakesh vs. Fes is

  • 35:50 – About the most unique Moroccan customs and habits

  • 37:02 – What you will learn about the world after visiting Morocco

Listener Exclusive Amenities

 A very special 1 hour tour of Casablanca by Harley Davidson, or

A lunch discussing the ins and outs of Moroccan culture

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