Luxury Travel Insider Birthday

Luxury Travel Insider | A Birthday Celebration

September 19, 2023

Welcome to a very special episode of Luxury Travel Insider!

As we celebrate three incredible years of this podcast, we’re ready to shake things up. In a nice twist, our host, Sarah Groen, is stepping into the guest spotlight for the day.

Leading the interview are two of our most treasured guests from previous shows. Valentina De Santis, the visionary owner and CEO of Grand Hotel Tremezzo and Passalacqua in the Lake Como, one of the best hotels in Italy. And joining her is Fernando Polanco, the managing director and co-owner of Hacienda Zuleta, an exquisite estate nestled in mainland Ecuador.

Oscar Alcantara, a travel designer at Bell & Bly Travel, is honored to guide you through today’s show.



Listen to hear:

  • 01:36 – What Sarah’s favorite views are
  • 05:19 – About her childhood dreams
  • 10:26 – How Sarah’s way of travel evolved
  • 12:26 – About her bucket list
  • 13:53 – Why her professional journey led her to Bell & Bly Travel
  • 19:44 – Who the people who impacted Sarah’s life in a profound way are
  • 22:48 – About her impact on people’s lives as a travel advisor
  • 26:03 – What are Sarah’s favorite itineraries
  • 27:33 – Which country she has most friends in
  • 29:51 – How her podcasting journey started
  • 31:04 – Who the dream guest she would love to interview is
  • 31:44 – What the vision for Luxury Travel Insider was
  • 34:22 – How she would choose a guest outside of the travel industry
  • 37:57 – What the next big plans for Sarah are
  • 40:47 – How she envisions the future for Bell & Bly Travel
  • 45:12 – What advice she’d give to the women in this industry
  • 48:24 – About Sarah’s favorite choices
  • 57:37 – What you will learn about the world and humanity by taking a trip with Bell & Bly Travel

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