Kempinski | The Ladies In Red

June 20, 2022









Listen to hear:

  • 01:32 – About their favorite spots and views in Asia and Europe
  • 04:26 – What makes Kempinski hotels unique
  • 05:23 – How they promote the brand
  • 06:40 – What the role of the Lady in Red is
  • 07:26 – How the Lady in Red differs from the Concierge service
  • 08:39 – Why every region has a tailored outfit
  • 12:14 – About some behind the scene stories that most people don’t know
  • 19:55 – What their favorite memory of a past guest is
  • 23:26 – Why kids on the properties are welcomed
  • 26:26 – How they excel at their job to improve guests’ experience
  • 29:49 – About their favorite choices on Kempinski Hotels
  • 34:22 – What you will learn about the world after visiting one of these properties

Listener Exclusive Amenities

Looking forward to welcoming you at Siam Kempinski Hotel Bangkok in 2022, and don’t forget to greet/say hello to one of their Lady & Gentleman In Red to receive an exclusive Lady In Red giveaway or amenity

A guided hotel tour together with the Lady in Red Antonia Grob – Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten Kempinski Munich

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